What is your personal style?

Defining what your personal style is, is not an easy task.

I would say that in my years of styling clients, it is the one thing most women struggle with. I also think it is why we end up filling our closets with too much “stuff” we don’t really love.  Once you can narrow down what your style is, it will make shopping much easier. It will help you focus and build a more efficient closet.

I would say it took until after having a 2nd child, and getting my body back for me to really hone in on my personal style. In High School and College I just wore whatever everyone else was wearing. I never really branched out to find what I loved. In my 20’s it was all about the trends, and I pretty much spent all of my money on “going out” clothing! Ha! In my 30’s I was having babies, so I didn’t invest any money on my clothes. My body shape was constantly changing, and so I just wore what I felt good in at the moment.

photo by Samantha Levi

Once I hit an age that I knew I wasn’t having kids any longer, and I had a more settled work and social life I really started to work on “me”. I finally realized that less is more, and I began experimenting with buying less and investing in quality pieces. I decided it was time to hone in on what my core wardrobe would look like. I did these exercises which I also have many of my clients do. It is a good way to reflect on the who, what, where of your personal style:

Ask yourself the following questions (and I am also sharing my answers!):

What is your daily “Uniform”: Even though I am mostly at home these days and not interacting with clients I still like to get dressed each day. I am mostly in jeans, and a tee with some sort of 3rd piece be it a jean jacket, leather jacket, blazer, or interesting cardigan/sweater. Right now I spend more money on my accessories and shoes than my clothing.

Where are you going most days? What are you dressing for? : This has changed for me since moving to Los Angeles. I could really wear workout clothes all day. But, I like getting dressed! So, it’s mostly for casual errand running, picking kids up from school, maybe meeting a friend for lunch or shopping. We also go out on the weekends, and travel a good amount, so I am always needing outfits for dinners. I love any excuse to get out of my daily uniform which is so casual!

What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe? It is hard to narrow down just 1. But for me it is my feminine Ulla Johnson blouses, great fitting jeans and a perfect white tee shirt.

Whose style do you most admire? I am drawn to Jacey Duprie, and Bradley Agather Means,Lauren Santo Domingo, Natalie Obradovichand Morgan Stewart.

What are the stores you most like to shop at? Shopbop, Intermix, Reformation, Madewell, Dear Society in KC, Wrights in MB

If you had an unlimited budget, what item would you get right now? I am in love with all of the Raquel Allegra silk pieces right now that you could mix and match and layer with other basics in your closet. I would probably buy more Ulla Johnson blouses, because I love how I fit, and that I can dress them up and now. A black balmain blazer with gold buttons would be so versatile and the ultimate 3rd piece. My end all, be all wishlist item is a classic Chanel handbag. 

All said and done, I would describe my personal style as “Classic with a Twist”. I love simple outfits, but with added interest in my shoes, handbags and accessories. I am drawn to classic prints like stripes, polka dots and leopard. I like a good blazer, a simple cashmere sweater, a classic mule or loafer, feminine blouses and perfect fitting denim. When I break out of my shell it is with interesting color patterns, subtle prints, or unique silhouettes. I do love a bow, a dramatic sleeve, or an open back. Most of my closet is either black or cream, but when I do color it is usually shades of blue, green, yellow and this season pinks. I struggle because I do love some boho pieces, but it is not what I fill my closet with. I may get a few each season; mostly summer when I can throw on sandals and a big hat. Because of my lifestyle now, I spend more money on denim, shoes, layering pieces and things like tee shirts and sweaters. I will splurge on a few dresses each season for traveling or special events.

If you want help figuring out what your personal style is, shoot me an email! mel.knopke@gmail.com



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