Weekend Warrior

Saturday’s and Sunday’s aren’t what they used to be! If you are like our family we are racing from one game to the next. From Dance to Basketball, or Soccer, and possibly a child’s birthday party in between. It is a lot of running around from place to place. For me, I definitely want to be comfortable but still want to look somewhat put together.

I think weekend wear is one of the hardest categories to dress for! I try to get out of my workout gear; especially when I know I am going to be gone all day long. I have found a pretty simple, and great rotation of items that get me through games on a hot soccer field, as well as early morning sitting at the dance studio.

These pieces don’t look super exciting, but they are very versatile! I don’t go for super trendy, and I shy away from bright colors and bold patterns. I really like to be able to mix and match with all of my bottoms and layering pieces, so I go for neutrals mostly. I also try to spend a little more on these items which I will wear all summer long. Here are some of my favorites and must have categories

I think simple tees and tanks are great. This way you can throw them on with any bottoms. I usually stock up on neutrals; white, cream, grey, and maybe I’ll throw in a blush or a shade of green during the spring months. I really like Madewell and Athleta for those, but have also found some great ones on Mango and J.Crew as well. J.Crew is also having 40% off right now! I have some shorts linked from J.Crew as well.

I don’t mind throwing on an occasional button down if I want to get out of my tee shirt rut. These are also great pieces to have if you have to volunteer at school.

Cardigan Sweaters and a light jacket are really a must (especially when we are changing seasons). I got THIS jacket from Athleta last year and I wear it all the time! It has a hood too, which is great. As always, a denim jacket is super easy and can be thrown over everything. I am liking a bigger, boyfriend style jacket this year; this one by Levi’s is a great price!

When it comes to bottoms, I do a lot of jogger type pants. I do like a chino, if it’s something a little more unique with a wide leg, or a unique silhouette. I like baggier shorts, in linen or a blend that aren’t too short! I do love jean shorts as well. Right now A Gold E are my favorite fit and length. And a jean skirt is also a great option too!

If you live in someplace where it gets really hot during the summer, tee shirt dresses are your friend! They are hard to find, but once you get one you will live in it! I have found some good ones at Free People and Madewell

Stay tuned for summer shoes/sandals in my next fashion post!


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  1. This post is exactly what i needed….been living on the soccer and lacrosse field and feel like I wear the same black leggings over and over again! Thank you!

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