Me vs. Cold Season

Cold and flu season is upon us. This time of year I want to just sanitize everything, or hideout in my house until spring 🙂 I have had the flu virus twice, and there is truly nothing worse! It’s a touchy subject, but I am a believer in the flu vaccine!

This is a totally BORING topic compared to other things I write about, but I feel like this remedy is too good not to share! This was actually what turned me into a believer of essential oils. My good friend Susan said this can cure any sinus infection. If you feel a head cold coming on, do this immediately and you will wipe that headache and congestion right out.

Boil water, and put it in a bowl. Immediately add 6 drops of each of these oils. Stir with a spoon and then put your head over the steam and inhale. It will burn like a mother F&*CK#R, but that means it is working! I usually do about 6-8 inhalations; whatever you can handle. The good steam goes away quick, so once you drop those oils in make sure to breathe in ASAP.

I found them on Amazon, or Whole Foods has them as well! If you are feeling crummy; a shot of turmeric can help with inflammation. I always go see Robin at Unbakery & Juicery, and she typically has an all natural remedy that will help me feel better!

I am also loving my new lavender infused head pillow from Hand & Land. I actually put this in the freezer and pull it out if I have a headache. It is very soothing and relaxing.

Stay healthy everyone!!!


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