Real Talk: Social Media Cleanse

Social Media is fun; until it’s not. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with it.

I absolutely love the inspiration I find on Instagram, and Pinterest. From fashion to home decor and beauty. And it is often where I find the restaurants I want to try, and the next place I want to travel to. And I adore being able to keep up with family and the friends I have made in all the cities I have lived in over the course of my life. Without it, I would definitely feel less connected to friends who live far away.

I have also made so many connections with strangers. People that I have been following for years. I love how it reaches such a vast network of people. It truly is amazing in that respect.

For me social media has played an amazing supporting role to writing this blog. I can share more of my story through images and videos; and be able to do it instantly. It really is amazing!

As a business owner, It is one of the BEST marketing tools. This is how you share your brand, what you do, and engage with your clients. For many brands, it is their sole marketing tool. So, I completely understand the importance of staying on top of social media for that purpose alone. But even at that, I think we all need to find that balance of when to use it, and when we can give it a rest.

For me personally, I was spending too much time on my phone. And not necessarily “working” but just spinning down the social media hole. When I am bored, I turn to it for a crutch. Waiting in line for coffee, waiting for kids at pickup. Laying in bed at night before I go to sleep, and not talking to my husband, or while I am cooking dinner instead of talking to my kids I would be on my phone. That makes me sad!

It also starts to feel a bit “icky” after a while. Do I really need to post everything going on in my life? What about living in the moment? I have really tried recently to share snippets of our life, but without oversharing. What does it say to our kids if they see us constantly on Instagram? I feel like already I see that my kids notice, and will remark about it. I am not sure that is the message I want to send.

I think that social media platforms should be a place to inspire and be inspired. I like that it really can tell a story; either personally or if you are a brand professionally. What I don’t like is the “idealistic” world that can be portrayed. Nobody is perfect, but sometimes based on someones social media we feel that they are. And that is when you start to compare yourself.  This is a feeling I LOATHE. I really do. But, it’s only natural to sometimes feel like you don’t look a certain way, have the beautiful wardrobe or have a certain lifestyle that others on Instagram may be posting about. It’s so silly, and embarrassing to admit, but it can really bring you down. Seek out those people and brands to follow that bring you joy!

I have tried to bring more of my everyday life into my blog and social media; because let’s face it, life isn’t just about great fashion, or visiting cool places. We all have struggles, and things we are dealing with. At the same time, I am not really the one who is going to get on Instagram and share my kids having a meltdown or me in sweatpants because that’s “keeping it real”.  You would’t really want to see me looking like that, or hear my kids argue with one another. That’s not enjoyable 🙂 But, I will continue to share my life story with you (for those of you who are so kind to to continue to follow along). For the past 10 years this has been my diary; and hopefully one day my kids will have a chance to read it and get to know their mom a little better!

For me, I realized that I needed to just take a break from it all. I started shutting my phone down from all social media apps on Sundays. My friend just told me last week about a feature in the screen time app. There is an option for “downtime”. I actually have been setting it everyday from 3-7PM. This is a crazy time for us anyways; with homework, dinner, bedtime routine that I don’t need to be looking at my phone. And then I set it all day on Sundays. This has been a really great, and healthy exercise for me to do.

My friend and I were discussing this whole topic last week. Time is precious, and I don’t want to waste it spending hours each day on social media. I also want to set a good example for my kids, as they get older. While this technology is a part of my life, and something I really enjoy. I have found for me, the best thing is to create a healthy balance with it!



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