Our Weekend

Since my last blog post, we have had a rough week. Not only did the mom cat die, but also both kittens as well. The Mama cat was obviously very sick, and the kittens had a quick decline after she passed. We did all that we could, even taking them to be cared by the Vet when we saw that they were not doing well. Unfortunately, they were not able to save them. We have been incredibly sad, and I can barely write this without crying.  All we wanted to do was bring these kittens into our home and give them love and a great life. I feel like everything happens for a reason, and I am trying to figure out why this happened to us. We miss them like crazy; but know that they are in a better place now and they are not suffering.

RIP Momo, Bobo and Jojo.


with our friends the Snyders 

on a lighter note, we ended up making the most of our weekend…we had Jazzoo on Friday which is a fun event benefiting the Kansas City zoo. People dress in theme with the zoo, often sporting animal prints. I was so glad I had this old silk Parker dress in a giraffe print!


and with the girls; Tiffany, Rachel and Erin.

Saturday we had a great day; enjoying the nice weather with a trip to the park and then lunch at the new Mixx in Hawthorne Plaza. I am a HUGE Mixx fan. I was not a huge salad eater until I tried theirs; and now I am hooked. The new location is gorgeous. Same great menu, with an added bonus the new juice and coffee bar! I had the supreme green and it was delicious. It’s a must to visit, if you haven’t already.


After lunch I got some much needed girl time visiting the shiny new Beauty Brands on the plaza! I can’t wait to share with you more on that later this week…

Saturday night we hit up Port Fonda with some friends, a perfect spot on a warm summer night. I always have to have one of their Roselle Margaritas


They had a special drink made with fresh juice from local company little freshie; I can’t remember for the life of me what they called it, but it was amazing and very refreshing!


then we hit up Harry’s outdoor patio, which is always a great spot…


We enjoyed a great weekend with some of our dearest friends…sad to see it come to an end! Back to the grind on Monday!


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