New Year, New Decade

It is not just the end of another year; it is the end of a decade!  Looking back through old photos, it is crazy to see how much our life has changed and evolved in the past decade.


Jon and I in Napa Valley Sept 2010, celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary. I had a 2 year old, I had just started working again at J.Crew Part time. Jon was working for a far infrared sauna company. Our life was definitely much different back then. Looking at this photo, I feel like I was SO young and definitely not feeling my best. I was at a weird transitional time in my life.

We traveled to Naples Florida a lot when we were first married. Julian loved going to the beach, this was our yearly vacation spot.

Holidays as just a family of 3 were much different!


Jon and I went back to Chicago; our first time being back since we moved in 2007

Jon’s family

Jon and Julian in Jon’s cousins wedding. I was pregnant with Vivienne!

Our Christmas card 2011, announcing a baby girl arriving in April 2012


baby shower for Vivienne with my mom

The arrival of Vivienne Rose, April 14th 2012. She made our year, and brought so much joy to our family!


Vivienne’s first birthday 2013!

Julian starts 5 day a week preschool

My closet gets photographed for a local magazine! Vivi makes a cameo 🙂

Visiting The Metzger Cousins, and my cousin Ali’s wedding

We open the doors of the first Health House!

Christmas Card 2013



First trip to the Broadmoor

Julian starts Kindergarten!

Vivienne starts Mother’s Day Out!

Jon becomes a lululemon Ambassador!

Kids come to Manhattan Beach for the first time 🙂


Visiting my parents in Arizona

Vivi turns 3 

Reuniting with my best friends in Miami

Back to the Broadmoor!

First day of 1st for Julian, and preschool for Vivienne

Vivienne’s first time as a flower girl! 

She also walks the runway at KC Fashion week with Redux Kids! 

Miami for My 29th Birthday

Royals win the World Series!!!!

Halloween 🙂 

Manhattan Beach for Thanksgiving

Crazy foreshadowing, for our future home!


Mom (and Vivi) get to be on the news in KC

Mermaid Birthday party

Fun photo shoot for a friends jewelry and kids line 

Amazing trip to Michigan with my girls

Wedding in Kohler Wisconsin

Health House 2 opens its doors in Town Center

We move into a new house and get a puppy all in one week! 

Christmas card 2016 


Julians First Communion 🙂 

Miami again! 

I get my first big partnership with Evereve! I fly to Minneapolis for a weekend with a handful of other influencers. What an amazing experience! 

Trip to St.Louis 

Chicago for Em’s 40th Birthday

My 40th Birthday weekend in NYC with 10 of my favorite couples 🙂

Vivienne starts Kinder, Julian in 3rd!  Christmas Card 2017

My favorite Halloween costume to date! Troop Beverly HIlls! (again, we didn’t know we were moving to LA at this point!)

Health House #3 in Prairie Village opens! 


I start Ladies Social Hour: a networking group for women in KC. We have our first event, a Galentine’s Brunch at the Intercon in KC 

Travel to Napa for Jayme’s 40th! 

The day we found a house in Manhattan Beach and the Health House weho location 🙂 

First trip to Hawaii

Going away parties with our KC friends…

Packed up our car; 2 adults, 2 kids, 1 dog and made our way across the country to LA!

First stop: Vail

Next stop: Santa Fe

Our family met us in Santa Fe for a few days!


Last stop: Palm Springs

Settling into our new town. Fresh Haircuts, and a week until school starts

First day at our new school

Loving our new LA home

and enjoying all that this city has to offer!

Russel Westbrook’s 30th Birthday party

First trip to Cabo

Black Tie Christmas party in Atherton, CA

Christmas Card 2018


the year of friend visits! Loved having everyone in LA!!

Winter at the beach…

Spring Break at the Miramar in Montecito

Fun Photo shoots in Manhattan Beach with KC photographers

more visitors!

Cabo to kickoff summer break 

Having dinner with Brittany and Patrick Mahomes in Manhattan Beach

Seeing Andrea Bocelli

Celebrating Jon’s 40th for a month!


Health House opens in West Hollywood

Birthday lunch + workout with my South Bay girls

The arrival of puppy #2, Arlo

Back to KC!

Thanksgiving at the Broadmoor with family

Viv in the Nutcracker

Celebrations with friends

Seeing the ABT Nutcracker with Jon, my mom and Viv

Realizing how grown up my kids are getting. I wish time would slow down!

Christmas Card 2019

I end this decade feeling better than I did 10 years ago. I feel like I am in a groove, I am enjoying motherhood, growing in my relationship with my husband, and finding a career and hobbies that bring me personal joy. I really look forward to the next 10 years. I am hoping to really work on doing more of what I love and chasing some personal dreams of my own!

Wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year, and all the best in 2020!


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