Made in KC: RedeuxKidz

My daughter is SO picky about what she wears…I can’t tell you how many times she has torn off a great outfit because she thinks it is uncomfortable! But, I think we found a great balance of fashion and comfort with locally made clothes by Redeux Kidz. 

I was excited to come across this line, made by Kansas City mom Sarah Teresinski. She searches high and low for the softest vintage fabrics that she remakes into adorable kids clothing. Every piece that my daughter has worn so far has gotten a huge thumbs up; which is not easy!

These bloomers are so cute and lightweight; great for summer…





And she REALLY loved this romper which is just a tad big on her now, but it was too cute not to take on our vacation. She kept saying she was a “flower girl” which I thought was pretty fun. The romper came with the flower which can be worn in the hair or pinned on the front…








The great thing is, Sarah can take a piece of say your mother’s or grandmother’s vintage clothing and make it into something for your child. So, the family heirloom can live on for years to come!

Sarah will be showing RedeuxKidz at Kansas City fashion week this year, and Vivi will be modeling! We can’t wait to be a part of the show. To contact Sarah, you can visit her website HERE.


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