Life Lately…

Hey guys..sorry for the lack of posts. Things have gotten a little crazy in our house. We had a cat that came out of our sewage drain in front of our house meowing so desperately at us. We could tell she needed food…

this was taken about a month ago…we fell in love with Mama (or Bobo as the kids called her) from the beginning. She was an amazing cat with an awesome personality.


Last Thursday she shows up at our back door with two baby kittens. The cutest little babies you have ever seen; so tiny and fluffy. We took mama and the babies into our garage, so they were out of the rain and protected. On Sunday mama cat went missing and we found her dead in a corner of our garage. We have no clue what happened; I am guessing maybe she knew she was sick and she brought the kittens to us to care for them?




Needless to say, since Sunday we have been busy. Making sure these kittens are cared for and fed. We took them to the vet to get checked; we got them flea meds and de-worming meds. I am bottle feeding them, and they are eating soft food, thankfully! We brought them inside today, so we will be able to keep a closer eye on them. I grew up with cats, so I don’t mind having kittens in the home. My husband would prefer a dog, but seriously, how can you resist these faces?


Send prayers for these two, Momo and Jojo (brothers!). I am hoping we can care for them as well as their mama would have!


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