Kid Style: Patagonia Love

Outerwear for kids is tricky! You want to find something warm, comfortable and durable. I have tried everything from the super inexpensive Old Navy coats, to splurging on a Patagonia. And truthfully, the Patagonia coats are worth every single penny. The Little House has the CUTEST selection of Patagonia; and are one of the only retailer here in KC that actually carry the line.


The last few years I have gotten each of my kids the “Down Sweater” jacket. They are around $100-$125, but they are super lightweight and the warmest coat around. I love that they aren’t so bulky, especially when you are trying to strap your child in a car seat! If you size up a bit, you can get two seasons out of them too!


Their color selection this season is fantastic!!! Loving this aqua with Purple and Hot Pink trim



outfit details: Coat: Patagonia, Pants: Tea Collection: Shoes: Mini Melissa all from The Little House 

In the Fairway Shops
2808 W. 53rd St.,
Fairway, KS 66205
Phone:  913.236.9861


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