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I feel like I am turning into a crazy hippie in my old age 🙂 I have always been into astrology and horoscopes, and now my new obsession is crystals. Crystals are said to have natural healing properties, not to mention they are just amazing to look at! It is incredible the things that the earth can create. You can get a beginner’s guide, crash course on healing crystals HERE. 

Visiting Hand and Land in Park Place piqued my interest; it is where I got my first rose quartz crystal.  But it took for me to spend some time in a Crystal store in California to start my collection. We went to the Sacred Stone in Redondo Beach, and they had the most incredible selection of stones. Each stone had a description card, which was so helpful when choosing and curating my stones. Their prices ranged from $1.50-to a ton of money for extra large crystals.

Here are the stones that I got and their meaning

I was at Brookside Toy last weekend and they have a FABULOUS collection and they were much less than I have seen at other stores. They don’t have descriptions, but they did have name cards which can help you look them up online.

These 3 crystals were under $20, which is a steal!

Make sure that when you purchase your crystals, you cleanse them first as others have touched them. You can cleanse them in the ocean, in the sun, or under a full moon.

I leave mine in a pretty tray next to my bed. You can also carry them with you at all times, or leave them in your car. Whatever you find to be the most effective!

Anyone out there starting their own crystal collection? If so where are your favorite places to shop?



  1. If you haven’t been to Blue Heron in downtown Lee’s Summit, you should. They are an amazing little boutique with jewelry, accessories, home stuff, and just cool odds and ends. All of their jewelry is organized by the type of stone, so it’s really easy to look for something specific. I have several pieces from there, including an alexandrite ring (my birthstone), a couple of moonstone rings and earrings, as well as a necklace that has the phase of the moon on it the night that my kiddos were born (bonus – it glows in the dark). It’s really cool. I have also been wanting a labradorite piece, and I know they have some cool ones, so I need to hit them up again soon. They will also keep a wish list on file for you so if you wanted to send Jon in around your birthday or Christmas, you can (and sometimes, they also offer beer or wine to their shoppers).

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