Barton Perreira

Over the years I have become a bit of a sunglass collector.  Clothing and shoe styles come and go, but to me sunglasses are forever. Sure, super trendy styles change but if you invest in classic styles they will stand the test of time.  I was first introduced to Barton Perreira glasses when they opened a store on the Country Club Plaza. After doing a little research I found out what an amazing company they are.




 One of the founders (Bill Barton) is actually a KC Native. He started the company in 2007 with designer Patty Perreira, both are Oliver Peoples veterans. Bill Barton, former president, and Patty Perreira, who was vice president of design — launched the firm after Peoples was acquired by Oakley in February 2006. While most high end glasses are not even designed by their said “designers”, Barton Perreira is one of the few boutique eyeglass companies that actually design their line in house. They are not highly mass produced as some of the high-end brands you are familiar with. You can only find them in select retailers; Barton Perreira stores (Los Angeles, NYC, Aspen and Kansas City!), Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman, Saks 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

They have a huge celebrity following; Brad and Angelina, Lady Gaga, Ryan Gosling, Rachel Zoe and Matt Damon, just to name a few.



I got my first pair, called “the Dalziel ” this Spring and I can’t stop wearing them. The experience I had in their store was unlike any other eyeglass fitting. I let them pick the frame they thought would best suit my face. I loved a lot of the styles that I tried on, but these were the best. I knew I would never tire of this style.



Mike at the Kansas City store was fabulous to work with. He actually fitted and adjusted the glasses to fit my face. If you are looking for quality sunglasses and incredible prescription eyeglass frames, this is your spot! Thank you to Mike and the BP team for all of your help! Starting this week they are having an incredible sale with select frames starting at $50; this is one not to be missed!



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