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I have dabbled in essential oils for a few years; nothing major but a few remedies that friends had told me about.  After having such great results, I finally realized the power that these little oils have! There was something other than a chemical or manufactured drug that could help me feel better. That alone was groundbreaking for me!

As I get older, I get very nervous about what I put into my body.  If there is a natural remedy that works, I am all about giving it a shot! So when my friend Allyson reached out to me to try Young Living Oils I was totally up for it. I had been wanting to learn more, so this was a great opportunity.

Young Living is known for their high quality, seed to seal oils.  They use the most organic, uncontaminated earth and water for pristine growing conditions. They really pride themselves in providing the best, safest and effective oils on the market.

I began with their Starter Kit that gives you 11 of their best selling oils, a cool diffuser (seen below; which lights up, and can change colors!) and some reading materials to help you know more about the oils and how to use them. I watched Allyson’s video which was a great intro and also read the pamphlet that came inside the box. They really narrow down all you need to know about each oil and how to use them.

Oils can either be diffused, used topically on your skin or ingested. It’s pretty amazing how multi purpose they are. Also, you can’t really mess them up and you can play around with them to see what works best for you. I haven’t ingested many of them yet (but almost all of them you can) I have mostly been using them on my skin or in the diffuser. You would be surprised how effective they are just by diffusing them or breathing them in!

 So far, we have found some great scents we have diffused in our home like classic Lavender which helps promote relaxation. Today I used the purification oil mixed with peppermint which really gave the house a clean, fresh scent. Purification will cleanse the air and get rid of pesky odors, which is great if you like to cook a lot, or if you have a stinky pet (or child) 🙂

Here are the oils in the pack and what they are known for:

Copaiba Vitality: Has high levels of beta-carophyllene which gives a calming effect. Apply to chest and neck before or during workouts to support wellness.

Digize Vitality: Supports healthy digestion, and wellness support. Also great to support health when traveling!

Frankincense: in Ancient times this was more valuable than gold! It was used by ancient cultures to ease many conditions. Proven to be amazing for your skin-can be added to your moisturizer, also has shown to be an anti-depressant, good for focus, uplifting spirits, also good for muscle recovery!

Lavender: most versatile of all the essential oils. It has been clinically evaluated for its potential relaxing effects. Historically it has been used for cleansing, calming and promoting skin wellness. I have been diffusing this before bed and its amazing. Also can be used in your bath, or add to moisturizers for your skin. Also add to coconut oil and rub on cuticles to improve your nails.

Lemon: antiseptic properties and potential effects on immune function. It works as a great spot remover (everything from oil to crayons), and can be used as a way to freshen up your kitchen counters, towels, etc.  I also added a drop to my water this morning, to help boost metabolism. It really has a ton of benefits, which you can read HERE. 

Panaway: This is like nature’s “ben-gay”, with a mix of wintergreen, helichrusum, clove and peppermint it is designed for post excercise support. I used it last night on sore muscles and woke up feeling a lot less tense!

Peppermint: is one of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion. Just add 1 drop to a glass of water to incorporate into your daily diet. It also gives an invigorating boost when diffused, or put into a bath. Following a workout put on your neck, temples and calves for a cooling effect.

Purification: This blend is great for neutralizing your home (smoke, mildew, and disagreeable odors) Also can be added to moisturizers to improve the appearance of skin. Add to a spray bottle with water for a natural bug spray!

R.C.: a unique blend of eucalyptus and other oils used to create a calming effect. Great to diffuse, or rub between your hands and breathe in to create a comforting aroma

Stress Away: this is a combo of a few oils which can be dropped into a juice daily to help eliminate stress, or rub a few drops at your neck, wrists, chest or feet to get a rejuvenating aromatic sensation

Thieves: one of Young Living’s most popular products! Take internally to help maintain a healthy respiratory system. Or, to fight of sickness rub on the bottoms of your feet.

It is a lot of info to absorb, but these are just the cliff’s notes. There are so many other benefits and uses for all of these above. You can learn more by visiting the Young Living site: and Allyson can answer any of your questions! The starter kit is insanely affordable for all that you get, I highly recommend it!


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