What to invest in now

My philosophy as I have gotten older is “less is more”. I am really trying to streamline my closet to more classic  and investment pieces that will stand the test of time. Each season I will sprinkle in some trend, but not a lot. And for those pieces, I plan to spend less. You don’t need to invest a lot in the trendy stuff! Spend more on the basics, and wardrobe builders that will carry you through day in and day out.

photos by Ruthie Stark Wrap, Shoes, Bag 

Over the years, I have found that shoes are one thing you shouldn’t skimp on. For a few reasons. Better shoes = better fit, usually better support and comfort. You don’t need to spend $500 to get a great pair, but I think somewhere around $100-$200 is usually a good ballpark range. We all walk by the shoe aisle at Target and get drawn in. I actually love their little sandals for summer that I know I will wear for a few months and then part with after a season. But I don’t want my whole shoe collection to be from Target.

 I would rather have 5 pairs of amazing shoes then a closet full of crappy shoes. I have ruined my feet over the years with shoes that don’t fit right, or that don’t support them correctly and I refuse to do that any longer. Bottom line? Simplify your shoe selection. Invest in a neutral and black pump, a neutral and black bootie, a neutral and black dressier heel, a tall boot (if if fits into your lifestyle) and of course a few pairs of flats, workout tennis shoes and “lifestyle” tennis shoes to wear with jeans, or casual pants. If you are a girl that loves novelty shoes, then go for it! We all have our vices; just make sure you are wearing them and that they aren’t collecting dust!


Blazer, Bag (similar here)

If there is one thing I could invest my money in it would be bags. They always fit, they typically retain value (if you get a good one), and it is an easy way to change up the look of an outfit. Handbags are the icing on the cake! You want to make sure you have the appropriate bag to coordinate with your look. Invest in a black and neutral day bag (depending on your job or lifestyle) that is big enough to hold all the essentials. Get a good neutral casual bag that can take you from a concert to a day of shopping with friends. And, don’t forget an evening bag; you will always need a dressier clutch whether it is for a black tie event or date night.


Every woman should have a great fitting pair of jeans. I don’t care how long it takes you to find the perfect fit; I assure you it will be worth the wait! I would invest in a dark, clean pair that you can dress up and something lighter and more casual. You may want to get a fun pair of “on trend” denim each season too. As long as you are wearing them frequently, then you can justify the cost! Premium denim holds its shape longer, will not stretch out as bad, and usually is more flattering all around.


Rule of thumb, If you go for simple & sophisticated clothing you will get much more wear out of these pieces. I tend to shy away from super bold prints, because you wear them once and you are tired of them. I like to invest in solids, neutral colors, classic patterns like stripes or dots, and simple silhouettes that aren’t overly trendy. When building up your basics, go quality over quantity.

If you do love bold colors, just make sure you are buying those pieces in high quality fabrics like silk, linen or 100% cotton. If you are a bold prints girl, invest in a few each season that you love.


Sunchild earrings by Sierra Winter 

I go both ways on accessories. I love the inexpensive trend, but I also like to spend a little bit more on my jewelry especially when I know that I will be wearing it a lot. There are a lot of great, new designers with gold vermeil or sterling silver jewelry that is decent quality that will hold up! I love Sierra Winter, Jenny BirdElizabeth and James, Adina Reyter and Jacquie Aiche. ,Tai for dainty pieces.  Right now I am all about big gold earrings, and dainty layers around my neck. Stacks of rings and bracelets; depending on my mood!

Also, don’t forget a great belt! This black gucci was my best investment last fall. With all of the high waisted styles coming back, belts are a must have accessory


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