Vivi and Jules love…Vests!

Generally in Kansas City we have a pretty amazing fall. We usually get a mild October, and sometimes even November before we have to bust out the heavy outwear. I have found that Vests are the perfect transitional piece for everyone in our family; not to mention the kids actually like wearing them!

Vivi’s entire outfit is by Peas and Queues…a new line I found at The Little House in Fairway. I am obsessed, the quality and details are amazing. From the lining of the vest, to the double layer skirt (it’s green underneath) and bows on the leggings. It’s so nice to find a line that is unique and fun without being to frou-frou. (shoes by Mimi and Milo also from The Little House)






Julian is getting to the age where “cute” doesn’t cut it…he wants big boy clothes. We love the line Appaman who makes this great plaid flannel shirt; I am digging the patches on the elbows which give it some edge! The olive green fleece vest is by The Bailey Boys and can also be monogrammed by The Little House.





For these looks and more visit The Little House in Fairway. Or if you are out of town, give them a call…they ship anywhere in the US! 2808 W 53rd St, Fairway, KS 66205 (913) 236-9861



  1. Adorable!! I dont think my comment posted yesterday anyway…happy birthday!! I am excited to see where you are taking your blog, I am been so busy that I have had no time to blog about anything lately, I need to feel inspired. I love reading about the late thirties, mom and fashionistas (I mean we have lived a lot more life then the 20 year olds) and finally I have been on the hunt for the Joie Remy shoe, the last pair you blogged about yesterday is very similar I just might need to get those!!

    1. Thank you Jill! I didn’t see your other comment come through…also, do not by the Remy. I got it and returned it; not very good quality for an almost $300 shoe. These are a total steal, and I love them!

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