Under Pressure

Pressure. Do you feel it? Some days it is overwhelming for me.

The pressure to…

be an engaged, empathetic and patient mom

to be a mom who knows everything that is going on at school, to be an involved parent, to be their “tutor” after school

to be a fair disciplinarian, to raise good kids, to be a loving mom

to be a great, understanding, fun and engaged spouse

to have a good sex life

to cook 🙁

to be fit

to have a tidy house (I am an OCD cleaner/organizer)

to maintain all the “things” hair, skin, body, nails, face. (this in itself overwhelms me just thinking about it!)

to be a good friend

to respond to texts/emails/phone calls (that do pile up sometimes!)

to be present

to also maintain all the work I have put into my blog/social media

to work & to contribute

to give back in some way or form

to be inspired

to feel worthy

to make and achieve goals

to somehow carve out time for “me”

Often there are so many things (as a mom, parent, a woman) that weigh heavily on us. It is not surprising that so many of us deal with anxiety, depression, migraines, etc. I think that the pressure and stress affects us in so many ways.

 Maybe I am a perfectionist and I need to let the ball drop sometimes. And it seems to get worse as I get older.

I am wondering what this is attributed to?

And also I would like to figure out how to eliminate this feeling daily. It is like I can’t keep up. You can hustle all day long, yet at the end of the day your work is not done!

would love for you to weigh in on this topic! Wondering if this is a common theme, or if I am alone in feeling this way….





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