Travel: Chicago Girls Trip

I have moved around a lot throughout my life; never staying in one city for too long. I have made amazing friends along the way and many of them are dear to my heart. But we all have that group of friends that are like sisters that no matter how far apart, or how long you go without seeing one another you always pick up right where you left off.

My sorority sisters and Chicago roommates are that group for me. We meet up once a year; typically in a city where one of us lives. It doesn’t matter if we are in a hot spot like a Miami club, or in the middle of nowhere at a lakehouse. We are inseparable and we have the best time together; laughing, joking around and catching up on all of our lives.

This year we met up in Chicago for Emily’s 40th Birthday Fiesta. She lives in the suburbs, so we spent 2 days there. I actually flew in early to do 2 closet consults for friends while I was in town. My sweet client had an amazing setup of snacks for us, I really have the best clients!

We went through piece by piece, decided what she would get rid of, and changed out hangers. We made a shopping list for fall and figured out how we could simplify her wardrobe! My friend Jill was my assistant and was SO helpful. I don’t know how I would have done it without her. Thank you JILL!!!!

We moved onto a second closet after lunch and did a major purge!

Me and my trusty assistant 🙂 Love her!

Thursday night we ate at El Todo Madre in Glen Ellyn; super cute Mexican restaurant and hot spot

  Love my girls! Always laughing!


Friday we drove to Elmhurst for party prep! It was a mexican fiesta theme, and her husband did a great job getting all the supplies we needed to setup. I loved the mexican blankets as table cloths. She had a ton of hydrangea’s in her backyard, so we clipped those and put in vases of all sizes.

Em’s sweet neighbor loaned her husband these awesome acrylic magnetic frames, which he filled with pics of her over the years.

The mustache station was fun, most of them ended up coming out late night…pics to come 🙂

The party favors were these cute, personalized wine glasses

Her husband came up with the “40 years of awesome” theme…so thoughtful and sweet! I was really impressed her husband did it all start to finish. Bravo David!

He even included a snapchat filter just for the party

The party started at their house with a taco truck and of course drinks and cake, and then we moved on to the white party at their country club. Hence, why everyone is in white.

this white dress is still a favorite of mine, it’s from Hello Molly (similar one here) earrings are from Indian Summer Collection

Everyone who was part of the 40th party got a cute friendship bracelet…

As you can imagine, we outdid ourselves at the party 🙂 I don’t blow it out very often, but it was well worth it for Em’s birthday!!!

and how about the guy behind us in this pic?! lol 

Saturday we pulled it together to head downtown for some shopping and then a night out on the town. We mostly walked through the gold coast and hit up some favorite spots. I can’t skip Barney’s or Intermix (even though I left empty handed) Our day of shopping ended with a run through Zara which was a complete nightmare. But I did come home with some good stuff on sale.

I walked by the water tower every day when I lived in Chicago; it’s one of my favorite little spots on Michigan Ave.

enormous Burberry store, which is a recent addition…

We took a touristy pic on the bridge over the Chicago river. I am so glad we did, because it is one of my favorites! Nothing beats Chicago in the summer.

We booked a night at the London House Chicago, which is a newly renovated Hilton owned hotel. I am SO glad we stayed there, because most of our time was spent at On 22, their incredible rooftop bar. To get in as someone not a guest is nearly impossible. The line was at least 50 people long every time we walked through the lobby. The views were some of the best in the city!

This was taken on the rooftop; apparently you can go up inside this structure but it was roped off for a private event!

The hotel itself was great; newly renovated and super clean. We had fantastic views of the river which was nice. And, the rooms are around $500 on up. It is a Hilton owned hotel.

We did pre dinner cocktails on the rooftop to enjoy the sunset. Our friend Rachel who was also a sorority sister with us at Indiana joined us for the night! Always love seeing you Rach!

and then we dined at GT Prime, which I would highly recommend. We love their fish restaurant which has been around for about 6 years. They serve steak sort of family style, which a bunch of different sides to choose from. Their appetizers and drinks were also incredible. You can’t skip the shishito corn or the brussels sprouts!

You will love the ambiance, decor and attention to detail. I look forward to going back someday!

After dinner we attempted to go to a “hot spot” but didn’t want to fight the crowds, so these old ladies headed back to the hotel 🙂 I mean, why not??? You can’t beat this…

I adore these girls and the memories we continue to make over the years. We may be 40, but we still know how to bring the fun!!!

Jayme and I got the girls these cute tees from Nordstrom (thanks for the inspo Somewhere Lately!) You can find them HERE.   fyi, they do run big. We are all wearing XS/S.

I will miss my girls, and Chicago until next time!!!!







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