Top 10 favorite Amazon gifts

I have started shopping SO much earlier this year. This gift guide will be the first of a handful this season. My gift guides won’t be fancy, with pretty layouts and graphics. But, hopefully they will be helpful to you, and will inspire you!

There are a few things I love from Amazon, for all members of the family and at all price ranges. Here are some of my favorites…

Every kid needs and love pajamas! Skylar Luna pjs are Organic, Turkish cotton and they come in adorable prints (up to size 10!)

spotted zebra pajamas are very soft, and very well priced. They have both boys and girls, and they make cute pants too if your kids don’t like full pajama sets! These make a great stocking stuffer:

You know how much I love EMU slippers.They are real shearling for under $60! These are a great gift for relatives, a family member you don’t know all that well, or a sister/mother in law! You can’t not LOVE these slippers. They do run true to size. This would be the gift I give to everyone this season!

This Nespresso Machine was my Christmas gift last year. It is by far the best coffee I have made at home. It comes with a frother, that is a game changer for your coffee. It tastes like it is straight from a coffee shop. This is a great gift for your parents or in laws. Right now Amazon has the best price on this at $175 (normally $249)

This mirror is HIGH on my wish list. It is AWESOME. I love the light and the magnification. I think this is a great gift for Moms or sisters! It is a splurge, but it is a very useful gift that I think anyone would love and not buy for themself.

One of the best things I ever invested in for my kids is the Micro Deluxe scooters. They will last for years! They have 3 wheels which makes for a more steady ride. They are more expensive but worth it for the quality, and design features. The handle goes up and down, so the scooter can grow with your child.

This robe by Ugg was another favorite gift I received last year. It is SO soft, without being too heavy it really keeps you warm. I love the pockets and the length. It comes in a bunch of great colors to choose from too. This makes a great gift for anyone in your family (under $100!)

If you need a gift under $25-$50 this LV dupe makeup bag is perfect! It also comes in the brown color combo. This would be great for the teenager or college kid in your family.

Everyone loves this sweater, and I always get so many compliments on it! A great gift for your mom, sister or sister in law! Under $70

I don’t know what Teenager or adult that doesn’t love Ray Ban sunglasses. These are a super easy gift; something that always fits and is always in style! I personally love the classic gold frame, with green polarized lenses.



R.Vivimos long sleeve dress with tassels is easily one of my favorite dresses.They also just added a bunch of new colors and it is under $25! I feel like all ages (depending on your style) can wear this! I wear a size small for reference.







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