Sunless Glow

If I can’t get Vitamin D for 6 months out of the year; I am going to try my hardest to look like I did! I don’t know what it is about a spray tan, but it just makes you feel a million times better. During the winter months I alternate between a spray tan at Hoopla and my own self tanning products.

I have been going to Bobbi at Hoopla for a few years now. She has it down pat, I am in and out in 10 minutes. And, for some reason her formula seems to last for almost 2 weeks (if you don’t exfoliate). If I know I am doing a photo shoot or if I have something special coming up I will book a few days beforehand. It is pretty dark at first but by the second and third day it is perfect. It is $30 and I go to the Hoopla in Fairway. 

If you know Jon, you wouldn’t be surprised that he uses self tanners too! I think being in workout clothes all of the time makes you feel extra pasty and white when you haven’t seen the sun for a while. So, we “share” the at home self tanners. Someone recommended Fake Bake Flawless years ago and we have used it ever since. I think it gives you the darkest color immediately. The smell is not awful, and it comes with a glove that makes it very easy to apply.

If you do this spray each day, you can really maintain decent color on your own during the winter months! I do find that it is hard to get it perfectly even by yourself. That’s why I mainly use it in between sprays to keep a little color going.

I have also recently tried St. Tropez products, which always get rave reviews. They have a couple of products out there. I like the gradual tan sculpt and glow cream, but it is better to use during the summer months I don’t think it gives you as dark of color. If you want subtle, this is a great product for you!

I also took their new self tan Express for a test ride. It is supposed to give you a gradually darker tan over the course of a few hours. I put it to the test, and took pictures every hour. The first 3 photos were every hour and then I waited until a few hours later for the last photo. You can definitely see a difference in tone from the 1-4th pic.

In the end, my favorite by St. Tropez is just their classic self tanner. For some reason, I do feel like it gets you a little darker than the express. Also, their Mitt is REALLY good, so make sure to invest in that too for application.

To read some tips on self tanner application; as well as do’s and don’ts you can read my article in Spaces Magazine HERE. 


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