I am starting to think that Sundays may be a good day to do “real talk” on the blog. I mentioned it in my stories last week, but Maria Shriver writes a weekly post called Sunday Paper, recommended to me by a friend here in MB. If you are not signed up for it, you should. She is a really dynamic writer, with such a unique perspective. You can read it HERE. It is inspiring me to share a little more of myself outside of just the fluffy stuff like clothes and beauty products.

First off, I just wanted to thank you all for your words of encouragement on our move and transitioning. As well as the support and kind words that give me the confidence to continue writing. There are days I want to give up on this blog, and to just delete all social media. Have any of you seen the show You on Netflix? It’s frightening and it is another reason to want to make everything private and totally remove myself from blogging, instagram, etc. But, I started writing here LONG before Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest were even a thing. So, I will continue to write and share because this is a platform that I really appreciate. I love the chance to connect with those near and far. It is therapeutic for me, and it is my opportunity to be creative. It has been my guilty pleasure/hobby for the past 10 years.

 Life gets so busy, and chaotic that we often let our hobbies fall to the wayside. But, hobbies are important. They are something that you do for yourself, that fills a void in your life that you can’t get from your career, or parenting or from your spouse.

I come from a long line of creative women who have always embraced a hobby. My grandmother and my mom are both painters. My mom also has a green thumb and spends a lot of time outdoors working on her garden, plants and yard. I never understood it when I was younger, but now I get it. That is/was her outlet. An escape from the everyday routine, groundhog day that we all experience.

I have had a journal since I was in 3rd grade. They are saved up in a box, now in storage and I am almost too embarrassed to read them. But, I know that I will one day go back to see the funny stuff that I kept hidden in journals for so many years. I now realize that this passion for writing and sharing (be it public or not) has always been something I loved to do. I am not a stat reader, I don’t really care about the #’s I write because it is my hobby and I love to do it! Thank you all for reading along, and for sharing your perspective too. I think the best part of blogging is to share not only my story, but to also connect with my readers and to know that we are all in this together.

Hopefully this will inspire you to pursue a hobby, or to pick up where you may have left off. You deserve to do something you love every day!

Have a wonderful Sunday

xoxo, Melanie




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  1. I think you are an amazing person and I love everything about your blog…. I mean it…everything:)! Hobbies are important and I feel like they can be hard to find! Ones you really love at least.
    Happiest New Year to you and your family,

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