Summer Sunnies

I am not quite sure where my sunglass obsession started. But, sunglasses have always been an accessory that is important to me. Not only are they an outfit completer, that can really make or break your look. But they also the best way to protect your eyes from the sun! I don’t go a day without wearing sunglasses, they are an everyday essential!

I have been lucky enough to have worked with Barton Perreira sunglasses for the past 3 years. A company with Kansas City roots (Bill Barton is from KC) and with a store on the Country Club plaza I became a fan instantly, and frequented the shop. I fell in love with not only the quality and unique styles, but also with such a caring and attentive staff, and an unparalleled shopping experience.

Barton Perreira isn’t JUST a luxury sunglass store. They work tirelessly with you to find the perfect pair and fit. They are knowledgeable; they really know what looks best on what face shapes. Once you find the pair, they adjust and fit them so they sit perfectly on your face. They also have a large range of everyday eyewear, and will work with you on your prescription glasses as well. I can’t say enough good things, it really is such an amazing company.

left to right: Bill, Myself, Patty, Patty’s Husband, Jon

When we moved to California I got to go to lunch with Bill Barton and Patty Perreira. I was geeking out a bit to hang with them for an afternoon, and to visit Patty’s beautiful home in Venice (as seen in the Covetuer here). It was such a treat to be in their presence!

When I was back in KC, I had a chance to view their new collection for 2019. Here are my favorites:

Heptone is a pretty golden honey acetate frame. It is casual, and great for everyday. Also, their frames are unisex!

I REALLY loved Lenox which was black with gold, and had a bar across the top. I think this is a style you can really dress up or down.

But the one I went home with is the Hani. It has such a unique shape, unlike anything I own. It is gold with a gorgeous green lens. I thought it was dressier, but I really find myself just throwing it on with a tee shirt and jeans too. I love it because it is SO different and not something you will see on everyone else.


also, 2 styles I also wear from past collections are the Corso:

and the cutrone:

If you live in Kansas City, go see Mike and Adria at the store and tell them I sent you! They will take good care of you! In Los Angeles you can find them at Barney’s and other high end eyewear stores around LA.


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