Summer Style Camp for Kids!

For those of you who are interested in doing the week of crafts I did with Vivi and friends. Here is the rundown…

All said and done it was $175 per girl for supplies. The biggest cost being the jackets and patches and the clothing items for tie dye.

All of the items you will need for the camp can be found HERE.I did find a lot at Hobby Lobby too, but I found they were sold out of a lot of stuff the following week. You just need to keep checking back with them for restock.

Lay a light cotton towel over the patch when ironing. It may take doing it a couple of times, we found that they weren’t sticking using the directions on the label. So, we ironed both the outside and then inside of the patch multiple times to make sure they stayed.

The patches all came from Hobby Lobby and and were $2-$9 a piece, the jackets are Old Navy. You can also find great patches on Etsy and Meri Meri. 

Day 1 we also painted pots. For this project, we used Acrylic paints, and they also have sparkle acrylic glaze that the girls used to make them have a glittery/glossy finish. We planted them with succulents on day 3.

Day 2 we jeweled headbands. You need to use craft tweezers to apply the tiny jewels if you are using hot glue. You can also use a craft glue, it will dry clear!

We also started painting tote bags. You will need fabric paint for this. The girls also added jewels and patches day 3 after everything had dried overnight

Day 3 we bedazzled bandanas. Make sure to wash the bandanas first! We used hot glue guns, and the larger jewels.

Day 4 we tie-dyed! Right now tie dye kits are impossible to find. I had to spend more $$ for a kit on amazon than I wanted to, but if you plan ahead you can find them at a reasonable price. We used for each girl a white tee, hoodies and leggings (all from amazon).

You can always use items you already have! Just make sure that the fabric is mostly cotton; if they are less than 50% cotton the die won’t hold.

Also, make sure to wash the items first, and you want to die them when they are still wet (not dripping, but moist) This makes the dye set into the fabric better. 1 kit with 28 colors made 12 total pieces. We did run out of colors at the end. Each kit usually comes with good instructions, but Hobby Lobby also has a good takeaway tie dye pamphlet in the section where the die is sold. Once we finished, we put each item in a gallon zip bag and let it sit overnight. If you want more vibrant colors, you will want to let it dry for a full 24 hours. We washed Viv’s after 6 hours and the colors were slightly muted. Once they are dried, you will want to wash them with similar colors. I ended up doing a quick wash cycle and washed a lot of the pieces separately! You will also want to dry them to let the heat set the colors. We were so happy with how everyone’s pieces turned out.

On the last day everyone finished up projects they had not completed and then we painted on canvas’. You can print out inspiration for them, something to duplicate to make it a little easier! Use acrylic paints for this as well.

It was a wonderful week, I can’t wait to do it again with the kids in our neighborhood! Link to Amazon supplies HERE





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