Sugar Detox

So you may have seen on my insta stories me discussing giving up sugar for lent. By sugar I mean, desserts and sweets; they are by far my biggest weak spot. Going 40 days without any desserts was probably one of the hardest things I have done (when it comes to giving up something).  Maybe even harder than alcohol!

I just keep reading how bad Sugar is. You can read some of the effects HERE. It is so addictive they compare it to cocaine! I mean, how disturbing is this picture?! Funny, not funny…but so true! Sometimes I feel like when I start eating sugary foods I don’t want to stop.

I wanted to give up sugar for 2 things: 1. to test my willpower and 2. to see if there were any changes in my body. Here is what happened.

I was super cranky the first few weeks, it was almost like I was having withdrawals. And it’s not like I ate a ton of sweets, but me popping a handful of chocolate chips in my mouth post dinner was a regular occurrence!

Once I got over the hump I noticed I didn’t crave sweets like I used to. Somehow I was able to bake cookies with my kids and not have one bite. It just didn’t sound good to me anymore.

I also noticed I had less headaches and was sleeping better at night. My complexion seemed better too. Especially during my cycle, when a few zits normally pop up. Probably because I wasn’t shoveling chocolate in my mouth during that week! I also felt like my stomach was flatter.

When we went to Arizona last week, and with Easter my 40 days came to an end. I was finally able to enjoy some dessert! I have to say, it was not all that I had remembered or thought I was missing. In fact, I felt kind of sick after eating it.

While I won’t be able to ever completely give up desserts, this has shed new light on what it does to your body! With the horrible long term effects of sugar, the empty calories, and energy zapping qualities it has I am definitely going to continue to limit my sugar intake.


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