Style Scout Travels: Minneapolis

I am sure you saw from social media that I was in Minneapolis last week. I was there meeting with the team at Evereve, which is based in Edina, MN. I will share with you all the details of my collaboration with this beloved brand in the next few weeks. Until then, here are a few snippets of my trip!

I grew up in Minnesota, but never spent much time in the city. I moved away right after I graduated and my parents moved soon after. So, I never got to enjoy Minneapolis at an age where I would truly appreciate it. I was so excited to have this opportunity to explore Minneapolis, and check out all the great new places I keep reading about.

We stayed at the brand new Hewing Hotel which is downtown Minneapolis. It’s one of the coolest, well thought out hotels I have stayed at. They did such a cool job capturing the Scandinavian and Nordic influence while somehow blending that with hipster chic decor. It was very cozy and cool, a place you definitely would want to hang out at. The bar and restaurant was hopping from early afternoon into the evening.

Apparently, the owners of this hotel are bringing a concept to KC in 2018! I could not be more excited!

The hotel is located, it is a bit North of the actual “downtown”. I would call it the warehouse district. There is charm on every corner. Within about a 4 block radius you will find some of the best restaurants and boutiques you will ever visit!

If you are a man, you need to shop at Martin Patrick 3. It is a mix of clothing, home decor, apothecary and accessories. A man’s dream come true 🙂

Martin Patrick 3

This store was darling, it mostly had paper goods and gifts. Their Happiness Planner is high on my list of purchases. I just didn’t have room for it in my suitcase! It comes in a cute box with gold pens and paper clips. What a great gift it would make!

Russel + Hazel. 

Askov Finlayson was started by the Mayor’s 2 sons, who obviously have a keen eye for fashion and food (they also own the popular Bachelor Farmer and Marvel Bar).

The North knows how to represent! You can find these cute hats online HERE. 

Askov Finlayson

Wilson and Willy’s had a great selection of home goods and gifts. I bought myself some D.S. & Durga fragrance which I have been wanting forever. It is the Coriander and it is SO GOOD.

The first night we ate at Spoon & Stable which I have been dying to go to! It is very cool, understated, but with amazing food. I had a bison carpaccio that was to die for; not something I would normally pick but it was delicious!

They are known for their larger than life cotton candy! 

Here I am with the Evereve Style Crew…

Landyn Hutchinson-Living with Landyn, Liz Della Croce-The Lemon Bowl, Shayna-Ruffled Snob, Caroline Drake-Armelle Blog

The next day I got up early to go to the bachelor farmer cafe for coffee. It was totally worth it. Along with the splurge of a freshly made chocolate croissant!

I am definitely adding their restaurant and Marvel Bar to my next trip…

It was a whirlwind two days, but we had a blast! Until next time Minneapolis!


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