Sneakers with everything; that is my motto this season. We are no longer limited to just wearing tennis shoes with athleisure or more casual pieces. I am loving them with dresses, skirts, you name it.

I got my first pair of Golden Goose tennis shoes last season and wore them NON STOP. They were worth every single penny; so much so that I got another pair this year. I am not saying you have to spend that amount to get a cute pair of tennis shoes, but they really are worth it. Always remember: Cost per wear!

For less expensive options, I love classic Converse or Veja brands. I feel like these brands never really go out of style; and have a very classic look about them.

The big clunky, 80’s tennis shoes are really hot right now. I just can’t get behind that trend. I think if you have really long legs, you can pull them off but for most people they will not be super flattering (just my two cents).

If you are needing some shopping inspiration; here are a few of my favorites!


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