Shopping Scout: Basics

Basics aren’t all bad. In fact, when it comes to your clothing, basics should make up 60-70% of your closet, and the rest should be “trendy” and unique pieces that you switch out every few seasons.

basics collage

You will find that the more basics you invest in, the easier it will be to get dressed every day! These pieces mix and match with just about everything. They are the core of your closet and your go-to items.

I like to go through my closet at the beginning of each season and figure out what I need to replace or update. Basics do change a bit every season. For instance, this year distressed denim is a must, and we are seeing the return of the high rise, flare leg. The classic button down shirt is more oversized and longer in length than in past seasons.

Here is my short list of must-have basics for Spring

Shirts/Blouses: Sleeveless or short sleeve solids for layering, Longer Button Downs

Sweaters: Lightweight Spring Cardigans for transitional months (Feb-May)

Outerwear: Spring Suede or Leather, Classic Trench

Denim: Distressed and High Rise Flare

Skirts: Classic Midi A-Line Skirt

Olive Green Pant: I get a new pair every season, because they go with everything. They are a must in any woman’s closet!



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