Shop Like A Stylist: Spring 2018

I had the opportunity to work with the students at the Blue Valley CAPS program this Spring. The CAPS program is absolutely incredible; I would have KILLED for something like this in High School! It gives them hands on experience to work in their desired professional field with members in the community. It really is a huge asset to Kansas City and the students in the Blue Valley school district!

Here are their 5 key principles for the program:

Profession-based Learning: Instructors develop real-world, project-based learning strategies through collaborations with business and community partners. These interactions enhance the learning experience, preparing students for college and career.

 Responsiveness: CAPS supports high-skill, high-demand careers through ongoing innovation in curriculum development, programs and services based on local business and community needs.

Self-Discovery and Exploration: Students realize their strengths and passions by exploring and experiencing potential professions. This allows them to make informed decisions about their future, while learning to exhibit leadership.

Professional Skills Development: Unique experiences allow students to cultivate transformative professional skills such as understanding expectations, time management and other essential business values. These skills are critical to providing students a competitive advantage in their post-secondary education and professional careers.

Entrepreneurial Mindset: Instructors create an environment where creative thinking and problem solving is encouraged. An innovative culture is key to fostering entrepreneurial learning and design thinking.

Many of the students in the class I worked with are interested in marketing and social media, so we decided to create a video together! I was SO impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail! We shot this video at my favorite Lady Bye Boutique in Brookside. 

This is my first video shoot, so bear with me! It is a learning curve for sure!!!! I was also dealing with a migraine that day, so I definitely am looking a bit tired here 🙂 But other than that, it was a great experience and I am excited to share with you a few tips on how to shop like a stylist as you head into a new season!

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