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Happy New Year everyone! I feel so behind on posting; it’s been a whirlwind holiday break! It’s impossible to get anything done when you have guests in town for a week…and with the holidays. So, I figured I will start back before Christmas and share some highlights of our trip to New York.

The trip was a surprise from my husband. My brother and Mom got into town early the week of Christmas and obviously they were in on the secret. We went to dinner on Wednesday night and he orders a bottle of champagne, makes a toast and tells me to pack a bag because we are leaving at 6AM for 2 days in NYC! It is hard to get anything past me; and so for him to pull of this sort of surprise was pretty amazing. I had not been to NY in 8 years; so I was very excited to get back and experience it at Christmas time. I used to travel to New York 3-4 times a year for work, and so I was also excited to experience the city in a way that I had not before.

As soon as he broke the news I reached out to friends who frequent NYC, and I got some great recommendations. Our first stop was Buvette in the west village. It is a tiny french restaurant, with incredible food and long waits! We lucked out with a spot right at the bar.



All of the food is made right in front of you. It’s a simple,but perfectly edited menu


Their organic eggs with shaved prosciutto was so simple, but SO good.

After lunch we walked through the West Village and shopped. Their are so many hidden gems and great little spots. We have a newfound love for the neighborhood and all of its charm!

We stopped at the Ludlow hotel for drinks after shopping; the vibe is very cool. I wish their restaurant Dirty French had been open, that was another place that came highly recommended.


My new hat I got at the Rag and Bone store in the WV. I have a very hard time finding hats to fit my small head. This fit like a glove! You can find a similar style HERE.Β 


Per our good friends recommendation my husband made reservations at Avra on Madison in Manhattan. It is quite a scene! It is Greek Fine dining, with a very cool bar upstairs, with additional dining downstairs. We could barely get a spot at the bar and it was amazing people watching. I think the highlights were their appetizers and drinks, the dinner was not our favorite.



We stayed at the London NYC which is in Manhattan, and it gave us great walking access to all the shops in that area. The room was large and the hotel was very clean and easy to get in and out of. They even had a complimentary car service that would drive us within a certain mile radius. It saved us some $$ on cabs, which was nice.

The police had crazy security up around the Trump Towers; barricades everywhere! So many people were stopping in front of the building to take pics of it.

They had these big lit up snowflakes down 5th which were so cool; hard to capture it in a photo!


Friday morning we got up early to take a class at Barry’s Bootcamp which is apparently one of the most popular workouts in the country. It is similar to Health House in the way that they go from cardio to weight training, but they use treadmills for their cardio. I realized how much I dislike running and how much it hurts my body compared to rowing. There is so much impact on your lower half, it just didn’t feel good. I love that rowing is zero impact, full body, and in my opinion much more challenging. Like other popular studios, the music was great, the instructor was just ok. The best part is that you can pre-order a protein shake and have it waiting for you after class. It’s genius! In the end, while I am glad we did it, it was not at all what I expected. I left wanting more!


since we were up so early, we had a full day to do whatever we wanted…I love not having a schedule or a timeline!

Neither of us had seen Rockefeller center at Christmas; so we did that first. It really is beautiful




We walked down 5th to look at all the windows; another thing I had always wanted to do. Saks windows were super cute, and fun for little ones





But Bergdorf’s blew my mind…the pics just don’t do them justice…



We went in all the big stores, but I was overwhelmed and didn’t find much. We had better luck in the smaller stores in meat packing and the WV. I did get a bag at Miu Miu though, which I am very excited about!

Neither of us had walked through St.Patricks Cathedral, and I had always wanted to see it on the inside. I am catholic, but not super religious. But, I had a very emotional experience here. It’s so breathtaking, and absolutely beautiful at Christmas. We lit candles for friends, visited the altar of Mary. It was a special moment for sure…






We lunched at Barbuto in Meat Packing and it was INCREDIBLE. Start to finish, it was probably my favorite meal. It is an Italian restaurant in sort of an old gas station. It’s not much on the inside, but it’s well worth it to go there for the food. we were the first ones there for brunch, and by the time we left the place was packed. Jon got the Chicken, which was insane. I got the gnocchi with some sort of light pesto sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!


My favorite pic of Jon…enjoying drinks at Barbuto πŸ™‚


We shopped for a bit in meatpacking, we stopped at Intermix which is one of my favorite stores and I got some leather pants I had my eye on for 70% off! If you want camel leather pants, these are amazing.Β Β And they are an additional 50% off sale right now.

We made our way back to midtown…I had been dying to see the Plaza hotel at Christmas. I actually had never step foot in the hotel, so it was a first for me. Their champagne bar is the PERFECT spot for an afternoon drink…





Before dinner we stopped at a cute store called J.Press in the WV. They had such a cute, unique selection of goods for men. Jon found a cool pair of boots.


We made a last minute decision to go to another Italian restaurant for dinner; because it came so highly recommended. Via Carota is owned by the partner of the lady who owns Buvette. The food exceeded our expectations, I don’t think I have ever had better homemade noodles. The atmosphere is very quaint, very NYC. Like something out of a movie. I would definitely go back!



After dinner we stumbled upon the cutest bar, below street level. Great cocktails and atmosphere…walking distance from Via Carota.


Sporting my fedora at fedora πŸ™‚ Oh and the new leather pants!Β Β ( I am wearing 25 for reference…they do stretch!)



We didn’t want the night to end! We had a nightcap at the rooftop bar of the Peninsula Hotel. So romantic and pretty; the perfect way to end our trip…



With the crazy year we have had, this was the best surprise and getaway for us. As parents, and as a couple it can be hard to carve out time; so I really am thankful for that time together. He is so thoughtful and generous, and I am so appreciative for that! Also a huge thanks to my parents and brother for holding down the fort!

Hope you all had a very happy New Year!!!


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