Scout Fit: Two Healthy Chicken Recipes your kids will love!

I feel like Chicken is a weekly staple in our household. It is typically what I make on Monday’s because my husband is at the studio that night and it’s typically an easy recipe. I tried two new chicken recipes in the last two weeks and my kids gobbled it up!

Wellness for the Win is actually a Kansas City blogger that my husband told me about. I was scrolling through her site today and she has a ton of good recipes. I am adding her site to search on a weekly basis. Tonight I did her baked honey garlic chicken nuggets. They have an asian feel to them, and they were delicious. We did GF breadcrumbs which weren’t as great as normal breadcrumbs, but everyone still ate them so I consider that a win.

I paired it with some rice and stir fry veggies on the side. I did frozen veggies which I regret; I will definitely do fresh next time. But I was on a time crunch, so the frozen veggies worked just fine. My son had two helpings and even my husband who can be picky liked it!

Also, my kids had so much fun helping make this dish. I had them dipping in the egg wash and rolling in the crumbs. It’s a good one to have your kids get involved if they like to cook.

image via wellness for the win

I can’t link directly to this recipe, but if you scroll down on her dinner entrees it’s not too far down…

Last week we did Skinnytaste’s Tortilla Encrusted chicken tenders.  You use Tortilla chips for the crust; and give them salsa to dip them in. My pickiest eaters loved these too! These are a perfect thing to make if you have a busy night of school activities and homework. Again, the kids loved crushing the chips and helping me prepare the meal.


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