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Ok, so I have been seriously slacking in the kitchen. I lost my mojo, and I need to get inspired again. BUT, I did make a few recipes recently that I loved.

My friend recommended the Pioneer Woman’s chili recipe and it is TO DIE FOR. Probably the best chili recipe I have made, ever. You can find it HERE. 

recipe note * I did not use the “Masa Harina” she asks for in the recipe. But, my friend told me to add a TBSP of brown sugar and dijon mustard to the meat while browning. It was incredibly delicious, and my family at the whole pot in one night!

I found myself buying energy bites and protein balls all over town and spending way too much money on them. When I saw Wellness for the Win’s n0 bake energy bite recipe, I knew I had to try them! We have been through a batch a week, and the whole family eats them.

Recipe Note* I did use coconut, and I didn’t use the grape-nuts cereal since we are GF in our home. I also eliminated the vanilla because it made them too sweet. I like to use the Enjoy Life (dairy, soy and nut free mini chocolate chips) because they are small and are perfect in a tiny energy bite.

I think you could really make this recipe your own based on things your family likes.

I needed a quick Crock Pot recipe and this did not disappoint. Skinnytaste’s Crock Pot Balsamic Pork Roast required a few ingredients, and it turned out amazing.

recipe notes: we skipped the chili flakes, and so I felt like it was lacking a little bit in flavor. I would maybe add more worsteschire or balsamic midway through the cooking process. Adding salt and pepper after definitely helped!

I served with Sweet Potatoes which are also super easy. Try to find the smaller ones of the bunch. Boil for 35-45 minutes depending on the side. You should be able to easily stick a fork into them when they are done. I then put them in a bowl and peel. once peeled I just mash them with a fork, add butter, salt and pepper, cinnamon and a little brown sugar if you want to (the kids like that, of course)! Super easy and healthy.

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If anyone has a recipe they are currently loving please share!!!


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