Scout Fit: Healthy Recipes

Hey guys! The last two weeks I did repeat some of my recent favorites but added two new ones to the mix. This Cheeseburger Caserole from Skinnytaste was liked by the kids A LOT but I wouldn’t consider it all that healthy; although it says it is low calories; It was high in carbs and sodium. I think this is a good Sunday night meal, when it’s cold out and you just want something comforting. Also makes great leftovers!

recipe notes: I would go much lighter on the mustard; it was a little overwhelming. And, I used GF noodles to make it a GF meal. 

On Thursday I made her Crockpot  Slow Cooker Burrito Bowls. These were DELISH. Somehow I got my kids to eat them, even though they had beans and veggies in there. Well, actually our power had gone out and it was dark, so maybe that is why?? HA! Really though; they were like a healthy Chipotle Burrito bowl.

You throw everything in your crockpot in the morning and do it on low for 8 hours. You come home and dinner is served. You can also make the Pico De Gallo ahead of time if you need to. Super easy, I think moderately healthy and delicious.

recipe note: my kids are wimpy when it comes to spices, so I left the jalapeno out.  


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