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I am getting a hang of this cooking thing. I think the biggest part is planning. I now plan my meals out on Sunday; so I can get everything I need for the week. If I am scrambling to pull stuff together last minute, that is when I end up failing in the kitchen.

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Last week I did an AMAZING Maple Soy Glazed salmon recipe from Skinnytaste. It was only 4 ingredients, and it was such a hit! I paired it with Brussel Sprouts (I do mine a little different than how she makes them), but the combo was perfect. It reminds me of the flavors of the miso cod from Nobu. If you don’t like Salmon; this may be a game changer for you!

Tonight I made the Skinnytaste Chicken and Dumpling recipe from her 2nd cookbook. This was sent to me and referred to me by a friend (thanks Sarah!). I can’t tell you how good it was. And my house smelled amazing all day. I spent about 45 minutes in the morning chopping everything up, and then I just threw it in the pot (I used my dutch oven set on low heat, but you can use a crockpot).

So, the soup was done by about 3:30 and then I made the dumplings (which took very little time) and threw them in 40 minutes before I served it. The kids are just starting to eat soups (they don’t like things super hot). But I added egg noodles to theirs which they loved. If you are Gluten Free, you can skip the dumplings and add egg noodles instead.

the salmon recipe took zero time, which I liked. I will make this every other week. The soup was SO good and easy, and one that you can prep in advance if you know you will be gone all day. Thanks Skinnytaste for keeping me inspired! (ps..this is not sponsored, I am just hooked!)


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