ROWING: The next level of fitness

photos by Ruthie Stark 

How Health House began:

My husband Jon began his career in the fitness industry with the luxury brand Equinox Fitness in Chicago. It was there that he learned all about customer service, high-end amenities and what it takes to run a huge fitness facility. Then, upon moving to Kansas City he took over a gym that was failing and gave it new life. After many years of working for someone else, seeing what worked in both a large and small fitness setting, he was ready to take a leap of faith and start his own business.

Health House was born out of a need for something different. My husband was a Rugby player in college and always trained with heavy weight lifting. Many years of heavy lifting resulted in injuries and chronic neck pain. He wanted to find a workout that was low impact, full body, with incredible results. After doing some research he discovered that rowing was making a comeback; and for good reason. Rowing burns twice as many calories as spinning or running, and it is FULL BODY which is key. He searched for the best rower possible, and that is one by Water Rower.

These machines put the old school rowing machines to shame. With a sleek design, and a drum filled with water that you actually pull against, he knew he had found the piece of equipment he wanted to build his fitness studio around.

We created classes around the rower; at first just using the rowers and a piece of equipment called a bulgarian bag (which looks like a weighted boppy pillow). Eventually we added in slides, and sand bells. But what took our workout to the next level was adding weights and benches. Low impact, high intensity cardio + strength training was a game changer! 45 minute classes that alternate between the two were delivering incredible results our clients were looking for.

4 years later and here we are. We have just opened the doors to our newest studio in Prairie Village. This is the studio that we have always dreamed of! Dimensional Innovations built us a digital wall that has beautiful graphics of rowing and water that displays during class. As the class begins to row, the image displays as if you are on a body of water. A class leaderboard also shows on the wall. I have to say, the leaderboard pushed me to row just a little harder today. It is great motivation.

The rowers now have cutting edge technology; tracking each clients progress and saving their data. Also, the rowers light up when you are in the correct rowing zone 28-32 Stroke rate glows blue anything over 32 it glows white.

Rowing is challenging, it pushes me harder than any other workout I have done. I have noticed the biggest change in my body in the last 4 years due to staying committed to this fitness plan.

I may be a bit biased. But truly, nothing compares to this workout in this luxury setting!

We love to travel and have taken inspiration from all of our favorite places (hotels, restaurants, etc) and have incorporated bits of pieces into this studio. KEM studio took everything we said, and all the inspiration we threw them and executed (in our eyes) a perfect design. I loved being a part of the design process this time around. In the past 2 studios I let Jon do it, but I think having a female set of eyes isn’t always a bad thing, right?

We wanted a fitness studio that isn’t just for a workout, but also one that makes you want to stay and have a juice. Or socialize with friends before or after class.

We wanted it to be modern, but warm and inviting.

T. Loft; a Kansas City fave now has a spot within our studio as well. You can get juices, smoothies, wellness shots, and grab and go healthy snacks. It is a perfect way to round out the space. We also added a day care so that those of you with little ones can squeeze in a workout, child free, and at an affordable cost (only $4!)

Our locker rooms are fully stocked with everything you need from Mer Sea bath products as well as Davines hair products; blow dryers, curling iron, Deoderant, hair spray! We have you covered 🙂

If you live in KC please come by and see the new space. You can sign up for classes HERE. We currently have a 3 class free promotion. Add 3 classes to your cart, put FRIENDS in the promo code and come and check it out!

Thank you to clients old and new for taking a chance on us, and a new outlook on fitness. You guys are what keeps us motivated to continue to improve and bring you the best experience possible!




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