Real Talk: Aging + Female Problems

This may be a little too much information to share, but I am curious to know if any of you are going through what I am!

After the birth of my 2nd, my periods have gotten increasingly worse. They are so bad, that I can’t really leave the house day 2 and 3. I am changing a super tampon every hour, and have to wear an enormous pad. It is just awful. I have large blood clots that create a gush of blood, and if I am not at home it can be a nasty ordeal.

When we were in Mexico, we were about to board a boat and I had on a brand new swimsuit and white cover-up dress. We are walking to the pier, when I could just feel the gush, and I felt the blood dripping down my leg. I freaked out, as I worried what my kids would think (as they haven’t been briefed on female issues yet) and I was worried that I couldn’t get to a bathroom fast enough!!

Thankfully we found a restaurant and a bathroom and I was able to clean myself up. Also, I happened to bring a 2nd swimsuit just in case; which ended up being a life saver!

It is frustrating because I feel like my menstrual cycle is controlling my life every month. Ovulating for me is very painful, and I often have worse symptoms than PMS. I also get bad cramps during the month, which I am trying to control with CBD Oil (it does help a bit!) I am always exhausted the day before I start; I feel like I could nap all day. Once I do start,  my periods last the full 7 days. You would think with the heavy flow the first few days I would get a break, but that’s not the case 🙁 It is pretty brutal.

My friend JUST told me about Ultra tampons which I had NO clue were a thing. I have only ever bought Super Plus!, So, I am really excited to try to see if they help. I also just bought my first pairs of Thinx Underwear (which have a built in pad in them!) I got a brief for heavy flow, and the thong for lighter days. These would also be great for young girls who have very little flow, or if you are like me and need to wear a pad but hate them. They come highly recommended, so I will let you guys know how well they work. I also have bladder issues (from having kids), and running is not an option for me. I am wondering if these might work for that??

I have downloaded the Flo Living app which helps me to track my period each month. Also, by day it tells you what you should eat, and do for rest and exercise based on the symptoms I am experiencing. It has been a really great tool! It would also be good for if you are trying to get pregnant and you can track your ovulation.

In the end, I really would like to figure out a solution to this problem. I have heard of procedures of having the lining of your uterus scraped which is supposed to really help with heavy periods. Have any of you done this?? I am set to see my Gynecologist soon, and am anxious to find out what options I may have. One thing I definitely do not want to do is go back on the pill, I just don’t love the ups and downs of my hormones.

If any of you have had an issue with this, and have found a solution I would love your input!!!




  1. I had a similar problem at about your age, so sharing my story in case in helps you and others. For two years I had intense periods, with severe blood loss and gushing. I had to time bathroom breaks to events, bring extra clothes “just in case”, wear multiple pads, etc. During a normal annual exam, my physician just happened to ask a very specific question: anything abnormal about my monthly periods? I shared my symptoms (just like yours) with her, stating I assumed I was on the cusp of menopause and that was the cause. She quickly stated no and during my pap smear she confirmed that my uterus was too heavy….. indicating a tumor. Turns out I had a very large fibroid, non-cancerous tumor that would push on the inside of my uterus. It would not allow the vessels to close off during menstruation, causing the gushing and large loss of blood. As I wanted to keep my uterus (it holds up your bladder), I opted for a fibroid embolism. Via surgery, they cut off the blood supply to the tumor. It quickly shrunk and my periods became normal.

  2. Hi-
    I never ever comment on anything lol, but had to respond to this. I am 45 and have two teens and this very similar situation started for me about 10 years ago. For the rest of my 30s I mostly just had extremely heavy periods the first two days, as you have described. I spoke with my gyn every year and she suggested a cervical ablation or a partial hysterectomy or just getting back on the pill which does not suit me. All carried risks or side effects I was unsure of. Entering into my 40s, my bleeding and cramps continued to worsen and cycles have moved to 23-24 days. I basically have a hard time working out the first two days and sleeping because of heavy flow and I stumbled upon the Ultra tampons years back at wal-mart:) Last Thanksgiving, I started having lower left side pelvic cramps and pain most days on and off and throughout the month and it has continued throughout the year. I have seen my gyn three times since Nov, had a vaginal ultrasound, pelvic ct scan, and a uterine biopsy. I spent months researching and now think I may have endometriosis. At my last appointment I had the conversation with my Dr. and she seems to agree it is likely. Unfortunately, the only true way to diagnose it is through laparoscopy which is very expensive. My husband is self-employed and we have a very high deductible so I have not decided to do it yet. However, I also take CBD oil daily and it seems to help some. ANYWAY, I just wanted to share because I have never met another with these symptoms and honestly have at times over the past year, questioned my mental health! So good luck and I hope you find the answers and a solution that works for you.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment!!!! WE have to deal with SO much; it’s very frustrating. I hope you start to feel better soon!! xo

  3. solidarity sis! I am 42 and definitely noticed VERY similar issue with the clotting! thanks for speaking about this as thought i was the only one! don’t have any great solutions, but interested to hear if community does. hang in there and thanks for sharing/speaking out about changes and struggles!

  4. Same same same!!!!!! I’m 48 and just now getting better because of menopause, which is a whole new bag of crazy!

    Friends of mine had an ablation and worked like a charm! No more crazy bleeding🙌 I could not because of fibroids.

    Check out an ablation ( have to be done having kids)
    Good luck!!

  5. Oh girl, I just want to chime in to say ‘solidarity sister!’ I feel every bit of this post. I was hoping (naively?) that once I was done having kids my periods would lighten up. Nope. Worse, way worse. I went back on hormonal birth control in an effort to stave off the symptoms, but ultimately decided that the side effects from the pill weren’t much better than my period. I don’t have any solid advice to offer, but want you to know you’re not alone. I’m curious to read what’s worked for other ladies.

  6. It’s brutal! I’m only 43 and have already been diagnosed with the dreaded menopause, so I’ve been dealing with these symptoms for about 5 years. Just learning that we use so many products that have estrogen-mimicking hormones in them and as we age about half of us have too much estrogen. I have a lot of friends whose periods are way better using a little natural progesterone to balance out all the estrogen that can be causing really.miserable.periods. I don’t use it myself since mine are gone but it might be something to try!

  7. I just had my annual appointment and we talked about about my increasingly worse periods. For pain, she suggested taking Tylenol with Ibuprofen becuase they attack pain differently. For the heaviness, there is an estrogen-based medication she suggested but I decided against it.

    I am also reason “Beyond the Pill” by Jolene Brighten. She talks about these exact issues women face and how reverting to the pill isn’t the best way to regulate hour cycle. She has done a lot of research on supplements you can take based on what your symptoms are. The book is fascinating and has great reviews. I also love following her on Instagram!

  8. After my 2nd child my gynecologist recommended I stay on a pill form of birth control that I take continuously. I have had horrible cycles similar to yours my whole life. This pill has been a lifesaver. I only have a period once every 3 months, and I barely need to use a panty liner for 2/3 days. Cramps are only noticeable the day before (where it used to be the whole week before then the whole week of). She has assured me I can continue this pill until I hit menopause!! I did gain weight when I went on it but I am completely ok with that as long as it continues working the way it has been. My youngest is 8 so that’s how long I have been on it ( I am 45) & I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I realize not everyone likes using a birth control pill but I cannot tell you how it has positively changed my life. I hope you can find something that works. I know that feeling of being a slave to your cycle & it is no way to live 💚

  9. Ask your OB about a Mirena IUD…uses the time released hormone levonorgestrel directly into the uterus. NO periods or very slight. Useful for anyone beginning peri menopause when periods are unpredictable. I never had heavy periods, but a lifesaver for many of my friends that have the same problem as you are experiencing. Check out this link

  10. Ultra’s are a life saver but still when it is heavy/clotty there isn’t much that can control that. I still had to change the ultra’s every hour but i had fewer gushes so there is that. I recently went to the doc for this and i had a massive fibroid that was causing this. they can’t really find them in your yearly so you should go in and ask to be checked. Mine was so bad that I had to have an emergency blood transfusion as i had been losing so. much. blood. and my body couldn’t replenish…so this can wind up being very dangerous. Ultimately i had to have a hysterectomy (uterus only) and I am very happy with that decision. It was really the only thing i could do to put a stop to the madness! I wish women would talk about this more, it is a more common problem than you would think. If you have clots/super heavy flow you likely have some sort of fibroid situation going on….

  11. I am sorry to hear about your problems! I can definitely be confusing. I feel you on female issues! I have never been regular and dealt with hypothalamus amenorrhea (which is periods stopped due to stress, over excersising and/or not eating enough, which I dabbled into all three). Post baby I am hoping mine comes back naturally sooner than later! But I figured out alot of hormone issues through a holostic doctor. I love the one I go to in KC. She helped me uncover more than just my hormone issues, but gut and food problems. She helped me get to the root and to heal it rather than putting a patch on it (birth control, etc) that my Gyno wanted to do. May be worth it depending on what your Gyno suggests! Best of luck!!

  12. I’m sorry you’re having period issues. My younger sister dealt with them for years. What finally helped her (and also took my periods almost completely away for 5 years) was an IUD. I realize this may not be the optimal solution for you as you mentioned not wanting to go back on the pill due to the hormones, and I’m fairly certain the IUD we have has hormones but it was an effective solution. Regardless I hope you find something that helps : )

  13. I use Nuva Ring. Lower dose of hormones than the pill. I change it every 21 days so never have a period at all. Prescribed to be used like this by GYN. I’m 49 and have 3 kids. No time for periods girl! Good luck!

  14. I have the exact same problem…happened after 2nd kid, 2nd and 3rd days are horrible. My doctor did give me a prescription that reduces the bleeding, but you have to take it 3x/day and I always forget. I’ve never heard of ultra tampons, but am certainly going to try them and the thing underwear. Thanks for posting.

  15. Yesssss! About 5 years before having kids, my periods were horribly painful & I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I had surgery to remove it and my periods were so light, they didn’t effect my daily life at all. Now 2 years gaffer having 2 kids, my period is back in full effect!!! Painful, EXTREMELY heavy & tons of clotting. My dr said the endometriosis is likely back & I would benefit from a clean up 🙁

  16. I had the same problem after my first baby! When my gyn pretty much only offered the pill or IUD, I saw a naturopath who specializes in women’s health. GAME CHANGER. She tested my hormones and gave me some recommendations and dietary modifications which helped enormously! Thanks for posting about this!

  17. I recently purchased and read Woman Code and it has greatly helped me learn more about my hormones. I honestly was kind of clueless prior to reading this book. While my period is regular and mostly “normal” I deal with other hormones issues like acne, chin hair etc. Its definitely is a work in process but applying some of the Woman Code protocols like balancing my blood sugar has been a huge help. I noticed an immediate difference just after the first few days. I have more work to do though. Thank you for sharing and being so honest!!❤❤❤

  18. I had similar issues years ago and it took several doctors to determine it was a result of hypothyroidism. Between taking a replacement thyroid hormone and an IUD, the problem has been virtually eliminated. Hang in there and hopefully your doctor will help you find the best possible solution for you as soon as possible.

  19. I had same symptoms. Sorry you are going thru it also! I went from few symptoms my whole life to what you are going through in my late 40’s. I wish I got the Ablation. Instead of suffering thru it. My doctor told me to take Advil a few days before my period starts- and it did help! At 53 my period just stopped and never came back. No spotting etc. See if you are a candidate for the Ablation. My friends had great success with it! And yes! Buy the Ultra tampons!! The best!

  20. I recommend managing through diet and lifestyle changes. As crazy as it sounds, a few tweaks can really have a huge impact. Would love to share more if you ever want to chat.

  21. I’m very sorry your experiencing this. I went through this for years. It is absolutely awful and I understand why your talking about. It’s important to share these experiences so thank you. In 2014 I got loud about it with my doctors whom also recommended various non surgical procedures including the pill, IUD’s, Bioidentical hormones and so on. After review my health history anything cause blood clots or strokes was off the table as our family has a rich history of these. Eventually I demanded diagnostic tests. First, ultsounds, then MRI’s. I ended up having DaVinci Robotic
    Laparoscopy only to discover I had massive amounts of Endometriosis and over 13 large masses in my tiny little belly (all over and connected to my female reproductive organs.)I ended up having an emergency ( non elective) Oophorectomy. Everything was removed. Your situation sounds soo eerily familiar. I highly recommend getting loud!!! My story ended well as the pathology came back precancerous and stage 0. I’m Certainly not trying to scare anyone just understand your health, genetics, family history and so one. And push for answers. Since my surgery I have felt absolutely amazing. Better than ever. I suffered for a long time. One more thing my friends wife whom is beyond healthy and fit just suffered from a stroke. They had her go off the pill immediately. I’m sure I don’t need to say this but very will..Be sure to read and understand all of the side effects and warnings on things. I can’t stress this enough. They are there for reasons. My doctor decided early on that I he would not recommend birth control for me because I was high risk for stroke/clots given my family history. I wish you all the best with your upcoming appointments. Hugs

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