Prolon Cleanse: My Experience + Tips and Tricks

A few weeks ago, I finished my first cleanse EVER. I am not going to lie, I was definitely nervous. I get hangry if I miss one meal, much less go 5 days with very little to eat. But, this fast mimicking cleanse by Prolon came recommended by SO many friends, I had to give it a shot. 90% of friends that did it, said they loved the results. So, I felt like the ratio from good vs bad made it pretty convincing.

Everyone has reasons that they want to cleanse; to lose weight, to kickstart a healthy diet after an unhealthy (month, week, etc), for anti-aging and cellular rejuvenation benefits. I would say mine was all of the above. After a stressful November-December and moving during the holidays I had lost a bunch of my covid weight gain. But after gaining it back during Christmas, I wanted to get back where I was mid December.  And I wanted to just get myself back on track with better eating habits, especially after Chiefs playoffs and the superbowl. My eating had gotten way off track!

So, what is a fast mimicking cleanse?

The ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet is the first and only meal program that has gone through clinical trials at the University of Southern California and been patented for its healthy-aging effects!  This 5-day meal program provides scientifically researched micro- and macro-nutrients in precise quantities and combinations that nourish you, but are not recognized as food by your body and therefore mimics a fasting state.

Key benefits of doing a fast mimicking cleanse:

Promote Cellular Renewal

Trigger autophagy, (the clean-up of old and worn out cellular components), and help your body rejuvenate.

Metabolic Health

Helps you maintain healthy systolic blood pressure. *Results based on 3 consecutive monthly cycles.

Enhance Clarity & Performance

Customers report feeling greater focus, clarity and energy toward the end and after completing the fast.

Fat Focused Weight Loss*

Kickstart weight loss (on average 5 pounds), especially belly fat, while protecting lean body mass.

First off, do not do it during the time of ovulation and your period. Ideally, do it right after your period. I got my period mid week and it was TERRIBLE.

I got the classic flavors box, and I really liked everything in it. Everything tasted good to me, and it does satiate the super hungry feeling. I didn’t realize you can add up to 1 TSP of seasoning to make the soups a little better. I wish I would have done that!

Here is what worked for me during the week. Keep in mind that every body is different!

I would suggest starting on a Sunday so that you are done with the cleanse by Thursday and you can enjoy your weekend. By Friday I was really ready for real food but had to go until Saturday! You can’t really workout on this cleanse, so make sure you are ready for light stretching, leisurely walks, etc. It’s actually a nice opportunity to give your body a break!

You can have black coffee or green tea, but no cream or sugar obviously! I had a black coffee every morning, it definitely helps with headaches.

The cleanse comes with a mix of soups for each day, flavored teas, kale crackers, olives, a bar for breakfast and on a few days, a chocolate bar for evening. You also get a range of supplements so that your body is getting everything you need during that week.

For me, the biggest challenge with this cleanse is mentally being able to get past being hungry.  Stay busy. I organized every drawer in my house that week. I even went to my storage unit and cleaned stuff out. It is a good time to tackle projects you wouldn’t normally do.

Order your kids and family meals out that week if you can, or for part of it! The hardest thing too is being around food and others that are eating. If you don’t have to prep meals it makes it a little easier.

I definitely felt hungry, but I never felt bad. or weak. I actually had more energy than ever before!

Here is my 5 day breakdown: 

Monday: You get the most food on this day. I woke up in the morning and would have at least 2 full glasses of lemon water. I bought a bag of lemons in advance because I knew I would want them for flavoring water. I would also get some LaCroix or sparkling water, you can drink those. I was hungry this day, but not terrible.  Although I did hear and feel my stomach growling in bed at night. Just pick a REALLY good show that you can binge watch at night, and get into bed as early as you can.

Tuesday: Tuesday was not a bad day. I actually had amazing energy, this is the first day you get the L-Drink. The L-Drink, which is to be put in the Prolon water bottle helps curb hunger throughout the day, I added both of the hibiscus tea bags to it and chilled it in the fridge first thing in the morning. I would drink it all day long, don’t drink it all at once! I also would save the bar until about 9:30 and I would push back eating everything else as long as I could. Lunch around 2:30 and then dinner at 6:30/7. Go to bed early if you can and sleep late! The longer you are up, the longer you have to fill the day.

Wednesday: This was by far the hardest day, as you have very little food. If you can get past day 3 you are golden. Again, stay as busy as you can. I got a pedicure, which was a nice treat that day. Push the food back as far as you can, and I would often save the olives or crackers (or half of the portions) for later in the evening.

Thursday: I definitely had the most energy this day. But overall my energy was great. Despite being hungry, it’s amazing how your body functions. You have energy and clarity like you wouldn’t believe! I started my period on this day, which was the only downside. I was VERY hungry near the end of the day. I savored the mint tea and chocolate bar in the evenings. Those little bars are the best! I actually loved the olives too.

Friday: By Friday I was a little bit hangry, and was ready to eat normal with my family. I was cooking their dinner that night( a very savory smelling chicken parm dish), and my husband was drinking wine. Needless to say, It was very hard for me!!! I just had to remove myself from the kitchen.

Day 6 is really a transition day, so don’t go hog wild! lol! Ease back into it with a smoothie, maybe eggs or a more savory soup for dinner. I had sushi day 6 in the evening and I was totally fine. But I definitely felt VERY full, and was a little ill at first from eating solid foods.

Here is a before/after. I took the after pic a week after ending the cleanse. I lost 5 pounds, and I am definitely leaner through my stomach area. It is amazing what your body can do in a short amount of time! The weight will most likely come back, but it’s not a bad way to kickstart a healthier diet/lifestyle. It also has taught me to snack less, and eat smaller portions. Your body doesn’t need to be eating SO much. I am focusing more on whole food meals 3 times a day.

Overall, I absolutely loved the results and I am going to try to do it consecutively over the course of 3-4 months. I am aiming to do it again in May if anyone wants to join me! You can order online HERE. And use code PROLON15 for an additional 15% off the box! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, and let me know what you think!!!


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