Product Love: Mer-Sea & Co.

It’s not everyday you come across a new line of home fragrance that you have never seen before. So I was delighted to stumble upon the line Mer-Sea& Co. at Clique boutique in the Prairie Village shops. I also just discovered that this line is based in Kansas City! I always love to support small and local businesses; especially those started by women.


The three women that started the business were all like-minded travelers who love the beach; a place to unwind, have fun, and recharge. These scents completely embody that easy-going, sun on your face, ocean breeze with the wind in your hair sort of feeling.  I happened to be looking for a hostess gift for our California friends; and since they have a beach house this line could not be more perfect.

Obviously, you don’t need to live at the beach to appreciate these gorgeous home fragrances. In fact, I love them because they take me back to the beach and remind me of our fabulous beach trips over the years.


I have two favorite scents in the line; Cool Breeze which is inspired by a Caribbean mojito. This refreshing scent has fresh water top notes that are perfectly balanced by herbs and deepened by base notes of woody bamboo, peppermint and spearmint.

The other is Sun-Kissed which  is inspired by orange groves. A mellow citrus scent with top notes of lemony cardamom and sweet, woody juniper this scent eases into mineral and floral notes and end with cedar and sandalwood.


The candles make a fabulous gift, as they come in these perfect little canvas bags (which are also made in the USA). But their room perfume sprays are amazing too for just a hint of scent without having to burn a candle.

to view the entire line of home fragrances and gifts, you can visit their website HERE. 


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