Product Love: Lately Lily

We are obsessed with kids books in our house!  I am always looking for something new to read to the kids, since I have read most of our books a million times. I stumbled upon the Lately Lily book and toys at The Little House and fell in love!  Since both my husband and I love to travel, and we have tried to expose our kids to the same I found this book to be the perfect addition to our home library.


Lily is a traveling girl; the daughter of a photographer and writer for the world’s greatest magazine. Lily has been living out of her sunny yellow suitcase her entire life! With a notebook in hand, Lily carefully records all of her observations from her travels so her friends can follow what she’s been up to, lately.


The illustrations are adorable and the stories are fantastic. How lovely to see all the delights of the world and travel through a child’s eyes.

In addition to the book there is also a line of toys and clothing!


The flashcards are definitely going into Vivi’s Easter basket this year!


For the Lately Lily book and toys visit The Little House in Fairway

2808 W. 53rd St.
 Fairway, KS 66205
(913) 236-9861



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