Product Love: JoBea Kids Yoga Wear

Fitness is just as much a part of our children’s life as it is ours. Teaching them healthy habits early can only help them as they grow older! My little ones have been doing “kids yoga” for the past two years, and they absolutely love it. We host classes at Health House and many of the parents tell us how much the children love the class and the instructor Mimi Z. It’s amazing how she can tame a group of ten 4 year olds and have them all totally silent at the end, lying on their backs with a lavender pillow on their eyes, in complete relaxation!


We absolutely LOVE Mimi Z’s classes. So, we were so completely thrilled when we found out she was launching her own line of kids Yoga gear! Let me introduce JoBea Kids!

2015 [Nicki Griffith Photography]

2015 [Nicki Griffith Photography]

2015 [Nicki Griffith Photography]

2015 [Nicki Griffith Photography]

images via Nikki Griffith Photography 

We absolutely love our JoBea pants…Vivi wants to wear them constantly! They come in size 2T-10, and are made of high quality fabric that hold up extremely well. I had searched high and low for fitness gear that would fit Vivi but everything was too big. Finally there is something that actually fits, is comfortable and she will wear! From the playground, to yoga, gymnastics or just to play, your little ones will love these pants.

You can get the first look at The JoBea line this Saturday from 10-2 at The Little House in Fairway! 2808 W. 53rd Street, Fairway KS 913-236-9861



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