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I think we can all agree that taking down our Christmas decor can be kind of depressing. It fills up our home, and adds warmth and light that isn’t normally there. When you take that all away, everything feels so bare! On the other hand, it does feel good to remove all the clutter and start fresh for the new year.

As soon as Christmas comes down,Ā  I start to obsess about my house. Things I want to change, add, and freshen up for the new year. An easy and inexpensive way to brighten things up around your house is plants and flowers. I have turned into a crazy plant lady; something I never thought I would become šŸ™‚ outside of looking pretty, house plants also have amazing benefits. They are said to reduceĀ carbon dioxide levels, Reduce levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide, reduce airborne dust levels and keep airĀ temperatures down.

I have found some really great inexpensive resources that won’t break the bank.

I get almost all of my flowers and plants at Trader Joe’s. They do SUCH a good job at providing a nice variety; ranging from succulents to little house plants. And I have found their orchids to be the best price point around. I have large and small ones scattered throughout my house. Orchids are beautiful, and cheerful and are easy to maintain. I add just 1-4 ice cubes a week (depending on the size). If you place them in an area that gets good indirect light they will last a long time. I feel like they typically last 2-3 months.

Succulents are another very inexpensive plant that you can find at Trader Joe’s. I also have found them at little shops around town, and at our farmers market. In California succulents are everywhere and they survive great in this climate. Again, they need decent natural light, and make sure not to over water them. Air plants are awesome too, and require just a few spritzes of water every so often. I also LOVE cactus plants, but my house is not overly boho. But they are so cool, and really add a unique texture and look to the home.

I also like to scatter small pants throughout my house. I find these at random places; everywhere from the grocery store to the flower shop. I get my pots at random places too! Home decor boutiques usually have the best and most unique ones, but you can also find them at Home Goods (you can find a lot there, and at great prices)

Lastly, fresh flowers are something I get every few weeks. Especially if we are hosting guests. I like to get roses at Trader Joe’s and scatter them around in the guest bath, guest room, front entry, or on our coffee table. They are $6.99 for a dozen, which is a steal!

Lastly, we inherited this Fiddle Fig with the house and it is spectacular. They are a very expensive and temperamental house plant. But, apparently this gets just the right amount of light, and we water it with 5 cups of water a week. I also dust the leaves every few weeks with a wet paper towel.




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