The perfect denim + date night attire

Getting dressed to “go out” just gets harder as you get older. You want to look cute,on trend, maybe a little sexy, but without trying too hard. Ugh, frankly it’s exhausting. I tend to go as simple as possible with my going out clothing, because I hate wearing something just once. I want to be able to mix these pieces with other items in my closet.

photos by Ruthie Stark 

Right now my going out “uniform” is high waisted jeans and a bodysuit. It’s simple, it’s easy to accessorize and I don’t have to think too hard about it. I can throw a leather jacket or my trench over for a 3rd piece if it is chilly. Really, it’s not super creative but it works! And I feel good, confident and slightly sexy 🙂 Which at 40, that’s a triumph!

Also, these Madewell jeans are EVERYTHING. The 10″ rise has me praising the denim Gods. Finally, denim designers understand; the higher rise is ultimately more flattering! I have tried on a lot of high waisted denim and typically there is too much fabric through the front, but these are perfect. And, I think the back is great too; they are definitely butt lifters with perfect pocket placement.

This bodysuit is now on sale, and so is this sparkle turtleneck which is almost exactly the same shade of rust. I found it on the clearance rack and it was too good to pass up. I will throw it on over my shoulders for the next month and then save it for Fall of next year.

Shop the look here:


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  1. Love your post and so agree with you… It’s hard to pull off that “sexy without trying look” as you age, so it’s best to keep it simple. Your look is PERFECT, and you most certainly do NOT look like you are 40! And I agree…high-waisted jeans are a MUST for the overall look. 🙂

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