Pardon my absence…we’ve been quite busy over here!

Yes, we have had our hands full…Vivienne Rose arrived 2 weeks early!

I went into labor on Friday the 13th. At around 11:00PM ( 8 cm dilated and ready to push), my Dr. broke my water only to find out that this little lady was breach. So, I was rushed to the O.R. to have a C-section. Definitely not what we had planned, but we just wanted to get her out safely. And also, much to my pleasure she was born on the 14th at 12:30 AM, instead of Friday the 13th.
She was a peanut, weighing in at 6 lbs, 11 oz. and 19.5″ long. We adore her…especially her big brother who can’t give her enough snuggles and kisses.
Because she was breach, they had some concerns about her hips. She is wearing this brace as preventative measures so that she doesn’t develop hip dysplasia. It’s definitely a nuisance…not fun when you have to change about 30 diapers a day. It doesn’t seem to bother her, but we will be happy to get it off of her in another 3-4 weeks.
She is constantly sleeping, but occasionally we get some bright eyed, curious moments like these…

So, if my posts are few and far between the next few weeks, you will know why. I am spending every moment I can with this sweet girl…


  1. Congratulations! She’s beautiful! Glad things all worked out. I was starting to think you must have had her as that was a long break for you to be away! Best wishes to your new family!

  2. I hope your recovery is going well. Having an emergency c-section is not fun at all. Vivienne is such a little sweetie. Thanks for sharing such sweet photos with us.

  3. Congrats again! She is beautiful! Get as much rest as you can- as you know by now two is so much more work than 1!! Plan to leave 20 minutes before your “we are leaving in 20” I am still late for everything and Ruby is 16 months now! ;0)
    Relish those little snuggles and kisses these little ones grow so fast!

  4. Your back!!! Yay! What a beautiful baby girl. She is precious and it looks like her big brother loves her so much already. Glad she arrived safely(and not on Friday, April 13th). : ) Love all the cute outfits she is already wearing. Girls are the most fun to dress. Enjoy all this special time with your family of four!

  5. Oh, and did you get her hospital hat on Etsy? The flower is precious. We found the cutest one for James on Etsy with his first initial in felt.

  6. such a sweet pea! congrats! We just had our first baby girl 8 weeks ago! Ps loving those target mossimo sandals! Such a great find! Im going to have to track those down xo

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