Our Weekend

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend.

This weekend we pretty much just stayed in MB; but it was packed with activities. On Thursday I got a sneak peek of the Apiece Apart trunk show at Beehive. for my non California readers; Beehive is an awesome boutique in downtown MB. They carry some of my favorite brands; Ganni, Spell & The Gypsy, Faithfull The Brand, Mother Denim and much more.

Apiece Apart has the most beautiful and wearable pieces. The women who co-designed the line, wanted to create clothing that you could literally pack in one bag; mix and match and take anywhere. I love the fit, fabrics and designs of the line; it is very feminine and beautiful!

I ended up with this amazing blouse that I know I will wear with everything. I have been so drawn to this vibrant yellow lately! The high waisted denim is also by Apiece Apart (wearing a 4 in everything).

I also got this dress. I had a REALLY hard time deciding because everything was so beautiful. But I was drawn to this because I can wear it year round. I own nothing like it, so I thought it would make a nice addition to my closet 🙂 I could even see it with booties in the early fall. These goodies arrive in February and I can’t wait! 

Friday was the strangest day for me. I woke up with the WORST migraine headache and then proceeded to get sick all day long. By 4 PM I could barely walk or move; so dehydrated. A friend who owns an urgent care in Hermosa recommended I come in and get an IV. So, Jon drove me there and I spent 2 hours hooked up to IV bags. They gave me anti-nausea meds, pain meds for my head, and then B12. I felt a million times better afterwards. I actually couldn’t believe how much it helped! By Saturday morning I actually felt really good.  We went to ballet, soccer, and the to our parish fair.  The fair is a blast for families and kids; we volunteered at the bean bag booth and had so much fun. The kids ran around, using their tickets, winning a bunch of crap. ha! Thanks to our babysitter Mary who just moved here from KC, she was a huge help!

By the end of the day though, I was exhausted. I think I overestimated how good I felt. But, we had a babysitter and early dinner plans so I pushed through but did not have a single drink. It’s kind of strange to do that; reminds me of when I was pregnant 🙂 We ate at the Arthur J in downtown MB which is a great steak restaurant. I was home and in bed by 9:30 thankfully!

Sunday we walked down to the pier with the kids and Alfie. It was such a beautiful morning, we had to enjoy being outside. Since I haven’t worked out all week, because I felt so crappy it was just nice to walk too. I am missing my workouts for sure!

After that we went back to the fair to watch Vivi cheer on the stage, and then the rest of the afternoon we just rested and lounged at home. Then it was church and Chiefs football last night! I am still not feeling 100% which is driving me crazy, so I am just trying to rest up before my parents and brother come visit this weekend.

have a great week everyone!


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