Our Weekend

I am sorry I have really been slacking in the blog posts lately. It has been crazy with the kids new schedules, staying on top of everything at our new school, and I have also taken on a new role at Health House. I am now buying and helping design all of the apparel (which I had done before) but we are expanding into some different categories and are doing custom designs with new activewear brands. The spare time I used to have during the day is now filled, and usually at night I am exhausted! So, the blogging has gone by the wayside unfortunately.

I really love to write, so when I have the energy I will always make time for it!

This weekend it was just Julian and I as Jon and Vivi went camping with 15 other dads and 1st grade girls. I grew up camping as a kid, so I was a little jealous that Jon and her got to experience that together. But it was SO good for them to have that bonding trip, and for Julian and I to be able to hang together.

Friday we had Julian’s birthday party (a few weeks late) at this amazing virtual reality studio. They had 5 different “experiences” that the boys could do ranging from driving cars to a VR “ride” that simulates white water rafting, or flying through a futuristic city. The kids had so much fun, and I know that Julian was grateful to have his new friends there.

I mean, how awful is this cake?! I let him choose the Fortnight photo that he wanted and they made the cake purple and black and white! My candles were chiefs inspired 🙂 But they didn’t quite coordinate with this cake.

They take gaming very seriously 🙂

Friday night J had soccer, so we just made it an early night. Saturday we had a morning soccer game, and then we walked down to the hometown fair. It is a great outdoor fair with live music, games and blow up things for the kids, food, and a “drinking” area for adults. They also have a ton of vendors selling everything you can imagine. I wish I would have had a little more time to shop, there was great jewelry and cute clothing too! I was stuck with the kiddos the whole time, but they had fun!

The velcro wall was hilarious

Then I let J choose where he wanted to eat and what movie we should see. So Shake Shack and Smallfoot it was! We also played foosball, which was a childhood favorite of mine. We laughed so hard, we are both just slightly competitive. Smallfoot is adorable by the way, a great movie to take your little ones to.

Jon and Vivi came back exhausted (and smelly) after 2 days with no showers in the wilderness. These Dad’s are pretty awesome, and made it such a special weekend for the girls.

It was nice to have them home!

On Sunday we put up a few Halloween decorations. If you have followed me for a long time, you know my dislike for this holiday! Not sure why as an adult, because I of course loved it as a kid! But, in Manhattan Beach everyone goes all out with their decor. So I had to do a little something 🙂 Thank goodness for Target!

It was a great weekend; allowing each of us to have that one on one time with each child. It is always a rare treat.


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