Our Weekend

It has been a busy week, so I am just getting around to recapping our weekend. It was just Vivi and I, because Jon and Julian were back in KC. It is fun to have just one on one time with your children. But, at the same time I definitely missed having the boys here, and it makes me realize how much Vivi and Julian really play together.

Before they took off, Jon and I had a date night in Hermosa Beach. We really love it there; so many cute little shops and restaurants line Pier Ave. Palmilla is famous for their tortillas that they bring to you tableside with 2 different salsas and a warm, sweet butter that is insane. Their margaritas are ridiculously good too; which for me is half the reason I choose to go out to a Mexican restaurant! 

It gets chilly here in the evenings; usually in the mid 60’s. So, it’s all about layers. It may be warm when you leave, but cold by the time you get to the restaurant. I got this long Missoni cardigan at Clique before we moved and it is going to be a great staple here in the winter months. I mean, this may be my winter coat 🙂 Anthropologie has some amazing long cardigans this season! Shop them HERE. 

Cardigan (M Missoni last season), Tank, Denim, Belt, Shoes, Bag ,NecklaceFriday in the morning my friend and I went to the Santa Monica stairs. This workout is BRUTAL. There are about 70 steps total. We went on a Friday morning, so it wasn’t too packed. There are people going up and down, so you have to stay pretty tight to one side. Some people are going fast, some slow. You can pass people if you can squeeze through. There was one guy doing it with a weighted vest; I was like hell no! I can’t even image. It was hard enough with my own body weight! I had been kind of preparing myself by doing the stair machine at the gym, which definitely helped me out. We did the stairs 12 times, and ran at the end. I loved just being outside and doing something different. The beauty about California is that there are so many amazing things you can do outdoors, because the weather is just SO good.

Saturday Vivi had dance and then we went to lunch in the point at our favorite Tocaya. That night my friend from High School (who happens to live a block from me!) came by with her kids. Its so nice & comforting to have old friends close by!

Shop Vivi’s Pendleton Poncho here (this has been the best investment) Also their towels are our obsession. We bought 6 when we moved here! They are the best.

Sunday was a beach day; which has become a bit of a routine for our family. Normally Saturdays are busy with sports and activities. So Sunday we will just spend a few hours at the beach. Vivi made some friends and played in the sand, and I was able to just sit, which is abnormal for me!

Typically at the beach I am on high alert when the kids are in the water, so it was nice to just sit back and relax a bit.I was mad I forgot to bring a book. But just laying there, soaking up the sun, and watching her play was just as nice.

Sunglasses, Necklace, Earrings (use STYLESCOUT10 for 10% off your order!), Bracelet

We also hit up Two Guns; my new favorite local coffee place. The interior is so cute too, wish I would have snapped more pics! Looking forward to another fun/busy weekend; soccer, Vivi’s first cheerleading game, dance and my birthday! xoxo




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