Our Weekend

We had a really great weekend celebrating Julian’s 10th Birthday. It was really all about him and what he wanted to do to celebrate!

It is a tradition to have pancakes with candles on your 10th birthday in our house.  Just don’t get cheap candles that melt all the way through. The pancakes were ruined 🙁

He had his 2nd soccer game on Sunday. They lost unfortunately, but he played hard! It is strange going from a team you have played with for 4 years, to all new kids. He is also playing U12; and he is the youngest on the team. I think this year will be a growing year for him. He is learning a lot!

After an early soccer game we packed up for the beach. He had a few friends meet up, and they had a great time. Love watching him blossom into such a good kid. I know these past few weeks haven’t been easy, but he is taking it in stride!

ps. remember Zinka (bright colored SPF from the 80’s?! It’s a hot trend with the kids here in California. That is the blue stuff all over his face 🙂

He wanted Grimaldi’s pizza; so we did that and then got ice cream and walked to the beach for the sunset.

A very happy Boy on this happy day! He is looking forward to his “virtual reality” game party with friends next month!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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