I am going to try to get back to recapping our weekends once again. It was nice to finally have a weekend filled with just the 4 of us family time. Julian started soccer with a team of boys he had never met before. He was brave, and he did great! The team was all boys who had never met before. Friday was their first practice together and then their first game Saturday. They lost 3-1 but it was a really good game! Julian was the youngest kid on the team (he’s playing U12) but he was one of the tallest! I didn’t get any pictures (because he was embarrassed) But vivi was happy to pose for one of course 🙂

After soccer we went to Shake Shack which is right by our house. I had never actually been to one. Now I know what the hype is all about, it is amazing!!! I bet you all in KC are loving having it on the plaza now 🙂

Saturday we had a soccer game early afternoon. Afterwards we walked down to the Hermosa Pier to have lunch. We stopped at a little farm to table spot called Hook & plow which was great! I love the tiny little hidden gems, sometimes those places are the best.

Saturday night Jon had a meeting with some Chiefs players so the kids and I just stayed in and made cookies and watched movies.

Sunday Vivi and I drove to Malibu to have lunch, and then to my friend’s daughter’s 5th Birthday. Jon and Julian stayed back in MB to watch football, and then go to a friends house to swim. It was nice to separate the kids and have one on one time!

My friend Sarah is a childhood friend from MN, and he has been living in California for a while now. It is so fun now that we are only a 45 minute drive from one another. She went all out with a animal theme party for her daughter. The kids had a blast!



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