Our Weekend

We had the best weekend with my parents in town! You may remember they were here for Christmas but we all got so sick with a stomach bug, that we didn’t get to hang out together for the last 3 days they were in town. It was terrible. They came back through KC, on their way to Arizona where they are retiring for good.

We literally ate our way through KC, eating at some of our old faves and some new spots. We started out at Il Centro on Thursday night for Italian.

Friday I took them to Messenger coffee. It is such a happy place. I love all the windows and plants, and the rooftop. It was too cold to sit outside, but we stepped out to admire the views.

I am not sure what this dessert was called, but it was out of this world. It had different layers, with raspberry somewhere in the middle. It was really divine; and I don’t use that word very often! I also love that Messenger uses Convivial Production ceramics, which are a KC based company. We use their pieces in Health House as well 🙂

Black Dirt just opened not far from us, so we were very excited to check it out. The owners of the famous, former Justus Drugstore opened this concept just two weeks ago.

Here are my thoughts, without totally swaying you all one way or another. I think the decor is totally off. It’s cold, it doesn’t really make sense to me, and honestly it doesn’t match what I would call the theme of the restaurant which is farm to table. If you have been to Vicia in St.Louis you know what this sort of restaurant should feel/look like.  Black Dirt did not achieve that at all.


When it came to the food, I actually really liked what we ordered. The homemade fettucini and scallops small plates were delicious. The fried chicken was some of the best I have EVER had. On a bed of homemade (dreamy and delicious) mashed potatoes with broccolini.

The drink menu was great, and the wines were also very good. The plates range $13-on up for entree’s. It is designed to share, which is a nice concept. Our server was appropriately attentive and knowledgable.

I think the decor just really threw us for a loop, and you know how important the ambiance is! But overall we had a great meal and I would definitely give it another shot. We dragged the kids there for “happy hour”. Note that it is not a kid friendly place! You will be hard to find anything on the menu for them.

Saturday we had basketball, and then we did some shopping after. All of these items on repeat right now…

Trench, Tee (hm divided brand in store), Shoes, Jeans (similar here)

I hit up the newest boutique in KC, Lady Bye and it is SO cute and a fabulous addition to the Brookside neighborhood. my hood! She has on trend and affordable fashion. You can leave with an entire outfit for under $150. Her selection of gifts and accessories are also on point. I left with a candle and cool gold earrings that I have been wearing non stop since I got them. Lady Bye is the sister story of Coco, which is located in Waldo.

This candle line is really beautiful. She also has a unique fragrance line that you will love.

My mom and I both like to bake, so we did this recipe together. If you have a pile of very rip bananas put them to good use! This bread turned out amazing. Just watch the cook time, we cooked ours about 5 min too long and we did it at the shortest baking time they gave.  Thanks to my friend Erin for the recipe!

you may have seen on my insta story that I went to Lark Burger last week. Well, it was so ridiculously good I dragged my family there this weekend. The kids said it was the best burger they have had! I had the turkey burger last week and the tuna burger this weekend. The tuna burger has a grilled ahi tuna steak, lettuce, tomato, onion, fresh cilantro and wasabi-ginger dressing! Oh man, it’s SO GOOD! It’s hard to pick a fave, because they were both amazing. It is located right next to Eat Fit Go, across from the Mixx and the Plaza Library.

Sunday I also squeezed in a workout before the Superbowl festivities. It made me feel a little less guilty about splurging so much on a Sunday 🙂

By today I was definitely ready for a food/alcohol detox. I will miss having my parents here, until next time Mom and Dad!



  1. We went to Black Dirt, too, on Friday night and I saw your cute little family there! I was anxious to hear your review, and we had the exact same thoughts. The decor threw us off, and we didn’t like where we were seated away from the rest of the restaurant. The food was delish, though! Keep the food recommendations coming! We’re ready to try the burger spot! Thanks!

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