Our Weekend

My dad was doing work in South Dakota last week, so he drove a few hours south to see us for the weekend. My kids are obsessed and always love when he comes to visit. We packed a lot in, in just a short 48 hours with him!

Friday night we took him and the kids to Ragazza. My dad couldn’t stop raving about their Bolognese; it really is SO good. 

Their Limoncello Sparkler is my favorite. They use a house made limoncello, mixed with prosecco and soda.

Saturday he took the kids tennis shoe shopping on the plaza; and of course they dragged him into Zoom for a toy. That is what Grandpa’s are for, right?

J got thinking putty…my kids are so obsessed with this stuff! It’s kind of like designer silly putty. This one was metallic gold sparkles.

fun at J.Crew 🙂 I just realized J. only has one shoe on!

V picked out these press on nails which had animals and sparkles and googly eyes…

We stayed in Saturday night and cooked. Everyone was pretty wiped out..

The kids were so tired they actually slept in past 715 both mornings! I was thankful for that; I feel like they have been waking up so early on the weekends lately.

Saturday we took him to Genessee Royale Bistro which I have raved about before. Going back the 2nd time it was just as good! I can’t wait for it to warm up so we can sit outside on their patio.

It was a quick, but fun weekend with my dad. We missed my mom, but she’s soaking up the sun in Arizona! I don’t blame her for not wanting to leave!

Have a great week everyone!


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