Our Weekend

Tomorrow we start SCHOOL!!! I actually thought the summer went by really fast…until the last 10 days. I was ready to pull my hair out today and lock myself into my room. I think they just get to a point when they are bored and are ready for some sort of a routine again. We all need a break from one another!

We spent the last weekend of summer break doing some fun things together As a family. We took the kids downtown on the streetcar to Quay for coffee. It’s delicious and worth the trip if you have time. Then we rode back not the street car and walked around the Crossroads while dad got a haircut, and had lunch at YJ’s Snack Bar, which is the best little hole in the wall (128 w. 18th St.)



Each day YJ’s has a lunch special. It was Fajita’s on Thursday, which Jon got. I got the The best “leftover” chicken noodle soup.


Thumbs up from the boys…and do you love the condiment bar on top of the piano?! IMG_3990

We took this pic on the Fortuity wall at 1919 Baltimore…great photo op if you are downtown


Saturday we made the trek out to Scheel’s Sporting Goods store in Overland Park. The store is enormous, and has literally any sporting good you could ever want. They also have a ferris wheel, tons of real “stuffed” animals; everything from Lion’s to Moose in their hunting department, a tiny bowling alley and a shooting game for kids. It’s sensory overload, and a little overwhelming if you ask me. But, we got the kids set for fall with their soccer gear. This will be V’s first year…she chose a lot of pink!


Saturday night I celebrated my friend Rachel’s birthday. It was the PERFECT evening in Kansas City, with the loveliest group of women. We somehow snagged a couch on the patio of Gram and Dun which is impossible on a gorgeous night. But, we lucked out, and enjoyed every minute of it!



Sunday…another beautiful day in KC, we decided to take the kids to the park for a picnic. At the beginning of the summer we made a bucket list of things to do for the summer, and picnic was on my list. Jon had gotten me a cute picnic basket for Mother’s Day, so we finally put it to use! We stopped at Better Cheddar on the Plaza for sandwiches and drinks/snacks. I LOVE their selection; it’s great for a picnic as they also give you a plate and silverware if you need it.






couldn’t have asked for a better weekend! Have a great week everyone!


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