Our Weekend

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  Today was a great way to end the weekend. As a mom, its nice to be recognized one day a year for the hard work we do! My husband took on the kids all weekend to allow me to do some fun things for myself.

We started the weekend with a charity run, called Run Mom Run. It was so fun to do it with the kids. I was impressed that both ran the mile, and didn’t stop once to walk! Next year we may attempt the 5K as a family 🙂



Saturday I spent part of the day with my Mother in law and Sister in law. We went to Blue Mercury’s Trish McEvoy event. You guys know how much I LOVE beauty products; would you believe I have never tried any trish products? It was fun to get our makeup done and see how each of us got a completely different look.

Nadya did my makeup and I was incredibly happy with the results! It was a natural look, with a polished finish. IMG_1467

There were a few products she used on me that I want to eventually buy. I had just bought my chanel foundation, but once that runs out I am going to buy this Trish McEvoy Beauty Balm. It will give you a little more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, it brightens the skin and it has SPF 35. They only have two colors, and I was Shade 1. I also loved the instant eye lift and the flawless concealer pen. I ended up with a lip gloss and lip color which I will share on the blog later this week!

With my sister in law Jackie. I had to do a quick change and hair touch-up before heading to an event I was doing for a client, hence the two outfits! (this blue dress is SO comfortable, and a steal. You can shop it HERE)


If you want a one-on-one, luxury cosmetics experience I highly recommend Blue Mercury. I am not paid by them to say this either; I just truly love the store and the experiences I have had there!


Today my husband really did an awesome job trying to make the day special. He cooked breakfast and then the kids presented me with sweet cards and some fun and thoughtful gifts. He got me a picnic basket! It is one thing I have always wanted, but never wanted to spend the money on. It’s so cute, from Target. One thing I said I wanted to do this summer is picnic with the kids; so this gift was perfect. He also went to George; a beautifully curated store in Crestwood and with a little help found some wonderful gifts, which I will share in another post!

After breakfast we walked around the plaza and popped into Panache for a sweet treat and iced coffee.


We ended the day at my in-laws for dinner. We enjoyed some rose and an incredible cheese tray (that we put together with cheese from Better Cheddar). Ryan from Underdog Wine Co. recommended this Rose and it is awesome (and under $23)


I am so thankful for these two; who have made me a Mom. Day in and day out; motherhood is hard. But the funny moments, the overwhelming amount of love, and seeing them grow into amazing little people far outweighs the challenges. I could not have asked for a better day from start to finish!


I hope you all had an amazing Mother’s Day!


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