Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I may be in the middle of a freaking move; but somehow I was able to scout out their site for some favorites. I am not going to lie, between the site crashing all morning yesterday and then not being able to order what was in my cart I am a little annoyed. Also, I felt like their lack of special and unique pieces is making this sale a little less interesting than years past. What are your thoughts? I worked for Nordstrom for 7 years out of High School and College and this sale used to be THE shopping event of the year. Now, it feels a little less special. I want them to bring back more designer pieces! Less basics!

Highlights of the sale were outerwear for sure. I always love their specials in cosmetics too. The shoes were a TOTAL let down. I mean, I have seen every style they have on the sale for the past 3 years. Nothing looked new or fresh in my opinion. Regardless; I did find some thing and here are my favorites:


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